INEAS is an independent, tax-exempt, educational and cultural
organization geared to educate the public and inform the media
on issues related to Africa and Asia.

International Seed Day (ISD)

Organizations and activists around the world observe International Seed Day (ISD) on April 26 by advocating for patent-free seeds, organic, non-GMO food and farmers' rights. ISD is an educational day for the public to learn about seed planting and saving, genetically modified food and its health hazardous effects, and about the monopoly over agriculture by major US and European agribusiness companies. more
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INEAS's Project

April 26, 2015

On the occasion of International Seed Day (ISD), which coincides this year on Sunday,
we will give INEAS members organic seeds for parsley, cilantro and scallions, and
for those who live in Massachusetts, we will plant the seeds in their yards/balconies.
For non-members to be part of this fun and educational project, you can join INEAS
membership by May 1st at  This way, you will 
receive the seeds, plant them during the Spring and harvest in the Summer & Autumn.

Contact us at:  and


Celebrating International Seed Day in India & Washington (USA)

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