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While ACOG doesn’t specifically advise women to take a panel of multivitamins, its list of suggested ones includes more than the U.K.’s minimalist list of just two. Regular multivitamins won't hurt you, but they won't help you as much as those that are specifically formulated for pregnancy. then the folvite 5mg contains 5000 mcg of folic acid .. is it not a too high dosage for pregnancy ? To reduce the risk of having a child with neural tube defects, it's recommended that women who are trying to become pregnant get 400 to 800 micrograms (mcg) of folate or folic acid a day through diet and supplements. While some herbal supplements may be safe to take during pregnancy, there are far more that might not be. 1 mg = 1000 mcg . If you’re trying to conceive or are pregnant, your doctor will likely recommend that you take them. While it is typically safe to take an over-the-counter vitamin supplement during pregnancy, it is always best to select one specifically designed for pregnant women.

Prenatal vitamins are formulated specifically for women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, and women who are breast-feeding, with particular emphasis on: Folic acid. Centrum vitamins, while beneficial in other situations, are not designed to be taken during pregnancy. There's some limited evidence that taking too much vitamin C in the form of supplements during pregnancy may increase the risk of preterm birth.Excessive vitamin C can also upset your stomach. Ask your doctor for over-the-counter options that would better suit your needs during pregnancy. Yes, although it's not a good idea to take megadoses of vitamin C when you're pregnant. While you can buy prenatal vitamins over the counter, doctors can prescribe them too.



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