Adonis Roman name

️ Post: Write popular gay discussions and comments in our Social Clubs, Forums, and Blogs Aphrodite is … Adonis was the god of beauty and desire in Greek mythology. Originally, he was a god worshipped in the area of Phoenicia (modern – day Lebanon), but was later adopted by the Greeks. Roman God and Goddess Names. According to the most popular belief, he was the son of Theias, king of Syria, and … Artemis is normally good and just, but demands a human sacrifice during the Trojan War. Many Greek gods and goddesses have a Roman counterpart. Adonis as a boy's name is pronounced a-DAHN-iss. Shakespeare’s poem Venus and Adonis (1593) is based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book X.

Greek Name. Roman Name. The name Adonis is believed to be of Phoenician origin (from ʾadōn, “lord”), Adonis himself being identified with the Babylonian god Tammuz.
It was decreed that he would spend four months in the underworld with Persephone, four months with Aphrodite (Venus), and four wherever he chose. Welcome to AdonisMale, a free gay porn community and forums to discuss gay news, coming out, gay relationships, fitness, and gay porn. Roman name: Venus. Further suggestion or detail on what is the meaning of name Adonis. Zeus. Juno. He was the son of Theias, the king of Syria. He was originally worshipped in Phoenicia (which is now the modern-day Lebanon) but he was adopted by the Greeks later. The Roman legend tells that Adonis, at his birth, was raised by nymphs in Mount Lebanon caves, near the source of a river which today is known under the name of "Nahr Ibrahim". Adonis chose to be with Aphrodite for two thirds a year. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Adonis is "extremely good looking, handsome". associated with him is also the same in both cultures. Aphrodite. Adonis - was the son of Myrrha, who was the daughter of Theias, the King of Assyria in Greek mythology only. AdonisMale is home to the world's largest organized gay porn gallery, including DC Playgirl Gallery, MaleSuperStars, and Theme Albums. In Greek mythology, Adonis was the god of beauty and desire. Roman name: Diana. We are thankful for all the contribution on meaning of name Adonis. This page describes stories of the god's wrath. Hera. Adonis is the god of desire and beauty in Greek mythology that was sometimes called as the mortal god of beauty. The Adonia (Greek: Ἀδώνια) was a festival celebrated annually by women in ancient Greece to mourn the death of Adonis, the consort of Aphrodite.It is best attested in classical Athens, though other sources provide evidence for the ritual mourning of Adonis elsewhere in the Greek world, including Hellenistic Alexandria and Argos in the second century AD. After Myrrha was transformed into a tree, Adonis was given to Persephone (Proserpina) to care for. Adonis. Jupiter. Ares as boar and Adonis, Greco-Roman mosaic from Antioch, Hatay Archaeology Museum. Adonis was the human lover of Aphrodite, and was supposed to be the paragon of masculine beauty. Adonis In Greek mythology, Adonis was the god of beauty and desire. Adonis has the same name in both Greek and Roman.

His name is derived from the Semitic word “Adonai” meaning “lord”. History of name and famous personality with Adonis … Artemis was jealous of his hunting skills and wanted to punish him. Apollo’s twin sister, Artemis is the beautiful huntress goddess and, like Athena, is somewhat masculine. In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Adonis …
According to the most popular belief, he was the son of Theias, king of Syria, and Myrrha (also known as Smyrna), Theias ’ … In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Adonis is: Handsome; a lord.

What does the name Adonis mean in other origin if you know then please suggest. Fate, Greek Moira, plural Moirai, Latin Parca, plural Parcae, in Greek and Roman mythology, any of three goddesses who determined human destinies, and in particular the span of a person’s life and his allotment of misery and suffering.Homer speaks of Fate (moira) in the singular as an impersonal power and sometimes makes its functions interchangeable with those of the Olympian gods.
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