Dinah the Dachshund

Above, Pluto's Heart Throb (Disney 1950) Enjoy In Dutch (Disney 1946) Related: Dachshunds in Pop Culture: Walt Disney's Dinah the Dachshund leaving canisters of milk on the town's doorsteps. 1 appearances; Disney: The Ultimate Visual Guide. Dinah the Dachshund is one of Pluto's love interests. Cast Bret Iwan as Mickey Mouse, Bill Farmer as Goofy and Pluto, Sam Kwasman as Donald Duck, Russi …

The breed's name is German and literally means "badger dog," from (der) Dachs, badger, and (der) Hund, dog. 65,178 talking about this. She appears as Pluto's girlfriend although she sometimes dates Butch the Bulldog as well. Dinah the Dachshund (in her first cartoon appearance), watching from a hole in a fence also wants the bone too, so she closes up and carefully pulls Pluto's bowl which contains the bone away from him and to herself. Dinah the Dachshund is a character from Pluto cartoon series Dinah But Butch won't let her go, and keeps horning in, much to her annoyance. Released on Friday, March 20, 2020, the new Disney Dogs Sketch Collection by Dooney & Bourke combines two of our favorite things: Disney dogs and a Disney Dooney and Bourke classic white sketch inspired print. Dinah the Dachshund made her first film appearance in Walt Disney's "The Sleepwalker," July 3rd, 1942 as Pluto's love interest. Dinah played the field over the years, as she was known to date Pluto, Butch the Bulldog, and even had eyes for a circus hero, Prince the Wonder Dog.

Watch these quick before "the man" comes in and pulls them off of youtube. Like her boyfriend, and Figaro she is not anthropomorphic and behaves like a "normal" animal.. History. With Pinto Colvig.

Jun 5, 2016 - Disney animal of female character that is my favorite movie on disney channel and rest of cartoon animation film on you tub app store and download your clip to add a playlist and share your social media information. Just when it seems he's losing to brute strength, Dinah's timely rescue from drowning by Pluto wins him her heart.

She appears as Pluto's girlfriend although she sometimes dates Butch the Bulldog as well. She first appeared in The Sleepwalker. Holy Disney Dachshund! Dinah the Dachshund is a character from Pluto cartoon series Dinah

Dinah the Dachshund, Pluto's second love, who replaced Fifi. She appears as Pluto 's girlfriend although she sometimes dates Butch the Bulldog as well. Pluto falls for Dinah the dachshund; so does Butch. This page is for the millions of fans of the world's most unique dog; the Dachshund. One of your Long and Short of it All hosts, Joey, totally has the hots for Dinah. Their thrilling escape finally gets Pluto another kiss.

Holy Disney Dachshund! With Pinto Colvig. Mickey Mouse: The Movie is an upcoming animated family adventure film directed by Matthew O'Callaghan and Stephen J. Anderson.

Directed by Charles A. Nichols. Pluto's tongue detects that the bone is gone before he wakes up and is shocked to see that Dinah is licking his bone. Dinah the Dachshund replaced Fifi the Peke as Pluto's girlfriend in the later Disney cartoons, though she sometimes dates Butch the Bulldog as well. Appearance In her debut: Slender, long, black body, light brown underbelly and paws, red nose, and dark blue eyelids, Later: Slender, brown body and tail, black nose and long ears Dinah the Dachshund appears in 2 issues View all Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse. She first appeared in The Sleep Walker, and made appearances in several other cartoons: Canine Casanova, In Dutch, Pluto's Heart Throb, Wonder Dog, Pluto's Arrow Error, Presto Pluto, and Pluto's Magic Paws. 1 appearances ; No recent wiki edits to this page. In an episode titled Canine Casanova, she appears again with Pluto, who tries to woo her love and get to know her a little more. Pluto spots Dinah the dachshund and is smitten, but she ignores him. She is Pluto's Girlfriend/Wife.

Once more, Butch and Pluto compete for Dinah attentions. In his enthusiasm, he accidentally rings the dike bell causing the town to think the dike is leaking. Dinah the Dachshund From Mickey Mouse. Dinah first appeared in the short The Sleepwalker, in which she replaced Fifi as Pluto's girlfriend.She has since appeared in various shorts, and also in the television series Mickey Mouse Works, and House of Mouse.



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