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Type: Person, Gender: Male, Born: 1965-08-20 in The Bronx, Area: United States

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Show Respect 2. Biterz 14. So glad this made it … By All Means Necessary is the second album from American hip hop group Boogie Down Productions, released on May 31, 1988 on Jive Records.After the 1987 murder of DJ-producer Scott La Rock, MC KRS-One moved away from the violent themes that dominated his debut, Criminal Minded, and began writing socially conscious songs using the moniker the Teacher. Take Em Out 6. My Dreams 6. World-reknowned, legendary East Coast hip-hop artist, KRS-One, has just dropped his highly-anticipated new album, titled “The World is Mind”.The 15-track project includes features from Shai and K.O.D.

Seriously one of my favorite records period. NEW. It's All Insane To Me 15. Sound Man 9. Adventures In Emceein (Parental Advisory) KRS-One. You Ain't Got Time 10. It remains his best-selling album to date, receiving the RIAA certification for Gold-level sales. Invaders 13.

KRS-One is just the guy to lead a crew Right up to your face and ditched you Everyone saw me on the last album cover Holding a pistol something far from a lover Beside my brother, S C O T T I just laughed, 'cause no one can defeat me This is lecture number two, 'My Philosophy' Number one… Keep Clicking Ft. Shai 4.

NEW. Street Light (CD Signed) $19.99 Price. Put Ya Ones Up 13. He has been cited by Sublime as a major influence on both their ethos and sound: They would take many different genres and mix them together, something KRS-One was known for as well. KRS-One is a philosopher, activist, author, lecturer, and emcee. You A Millionaire 8. Keep Flowin' 14. The World Is MIND KRS One the lyrical legend drops his new … Drugs Won 4. Hip Hop Speaks From Heaven 15.

KRS-ONE is one of the pioneers in rap, and hip-hop, back in the day with it was called “the jam.” KRS-One tells it like it is to a group of students at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

Welcome To Our Mailing List. Duty 5. Out For Fame 5. Now Hear This (Intro) 2. Take You There 7.

In 1987 the duo released their debut album Criminal Minded, an album widely considered to be one of the best in hip-hop history. KRS-One is a rapper who was one of the first to infuse social commentary into his songs. In 2009 KRS-One guest-starred on several albums, including Arts & Entertainment on the song "Pass the Mic" by fellow hip hop veterans Masta Ace and Ed O.G. Same Shit 3. Musically, the album was based around James Brown samples and reggae influences. Since founding canonical Hip Hop act Boogie Down Productions in the mid-1980s, he has released a granite-solid catalog of 19 full-length albums, along with a star-studded list of collaborations.

The name Maximum Strength was originally the title for an album recorded by KRS-One in 1998-1999 for Jive Records that still remains unreleased.



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