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Born in Texas and Family Owned since 1937, Twin Liquors has over 80 stores across Central Texas. Gin, flavoured, distilled, colourless to pale yellow liquor made from purified spirits usually obtained from a grain mash and having the juniper berry as its principal flavouring ingredient. Liquor definition is - a liquid substance: such as. liqueur synonyms, liqueur pronunciation, liqueur translation, English dictionary definition of liqueur. Learn more.

liquor (countable and uncountable, plural liquors) A liquid, a fluid. Buy wine online easily with case discounts and free shipping options available on select bottles of wine. A liquid obtained by cooking meat or vegetables (or both).

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Define liqueur. Liquor and spirits are available to order online for delivery to certain zip codes.

liquor definition: 1. strong alcoholic drink 2. strong alcoholic drink 3. an alcoholic drink, esp.

As always, along with enforcing state liquor laws, the NHLC Division of Enforcement and Licensing is dedicated to educating the public, consumers, students and liquor license holders about the state's liquor laws and statutes, along with the legal, financial, social and health risks of abusing alcohol. Shop for wine, spirits, beer & more. liquor [lik´er, li´kwor] 1. a liquid, especially an aqueous solution, containing medicinal substances. Buy products such as Grey Goose Vodka, 1.75 L, Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky, 1.75 L at Walmart and save. one made by distillation, as whiskey or rum 3.

liquor definition: 1. any liquid or juice: meat liquor 2. an alcoholic drink, esp.

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2. a term applied to certain body fluids. Order online and have it delivered or pick up in store in an hour.

1665, Robert Hooke, Micrographia: Thus Water also, or any other Liquor, included in a convenient vessel, by being warmed, manifestly expands it self with a very great violence […] A drinkable liquid. liquor pu´ris the fluid portion of … The width of the paths between the brands, companies, and liquors are scaled to revenue. liquor cerebrospina´lis cerebrospinal fluid. It includes both the malty-flavoured and full-bodied Netherlands types and the drier types, characterized by distinct botanical flavouring, produced in Britain and the United States.

liquor folli´culi the fluid in the cavity of a developing graafian follicle. Local pickup and Delivery available at select locations. liquor am´nii amniotic fluid.

Pharmacy a solution of some substance in waterOrigin of liquoraltered (infl. For example, Johnnie Walker, the largest liquor brand in the world, contributed $5.3 Billion to Diageo in 2014.



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