Strain wave gearing

Provide customers with the latest harmonic gear consulting and technical solutions. Watch carefully the path of your favorite balls through the flex wheel doing crazy curves, no doubt you’ll be mesmerized.

Strain Wave Gear Principle. The Circular Spline, Flexspline and Wave Generator work together to make up the strain wave gear. While this relationship is not mandatory, many of the advantages of strain wave gearing are sacrificed by having the tooth differonce a multiple of n without deriving any compensating advantages in most cases. Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions, also known as strain wave gearing, is a compact, torque dense type of gear. Strain wave gearing also known as harmonic gearing is a special type of mechanical gear system that can improve certain characteristics compared to traditional gearing systems such as helical gears or planetary gears.

UPDATE: Now includes hypocycloidal gears!

Other advantages are high positional accuracy, high torsional stiffness, and zero backlash. Today, unmanned vehicles aim to get low ceilings to maximize vertical space. Strain wave gears offer the ability for reasonable speed to torque conversion for cheap motors like smaller steppers and RC servos. The preload on the gear assures it will remain stable for the life of the gear. A wide variety of strain wave gear options are available to you, such as gearing …
Learn More >> Exoskeleton. The strain wave gearing is sometimes termed a harmonic drive transmission. It was invented in 1957 by C.W. Strain wave gearing is often used for industrial purposes, with such products famously manufactured by Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.

There are two fewer teeth on the Flexspline relative to the Circular Spline which means that every wave generator … The show will last for 6 days and a lot of worldwide companies have participated, and more than 100,000 professional visitors have attended the exhibition. IMTS 2018 2018 / 09 / 18. strain wave gearing definition in the English Cobuild dictionary for learners, strain wave gearing meaning explained, see also 'eye strain',repetitive strain injury',stain',strained', English vocabulary Harmonic Drive® strain wave gearing utilizes a unique operating principle which is based upon the elastic mechanics of metals. Strain Wave Gearing is another masterpiece from Akiyuki. [47] Strain wave gearing design system Fig.47.1 Strain wave gearing design system 47.1 Overview Strain wave gearing design system is a software that generates wave gear tooth profile, based on basic rack or tool (hob). The compact nature of Strain wave (Harmonic)gearing would make the joint more compact, and also powerful enough to drive the arm.



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