alison name meaning

Alison Name Meaning. in Scottish. STARTS/ENDS WITH Al-, -son. Allison can mean "Little Alice." What Does Alison Mean and History? Now particularly popular in Scotland. Originally a boy's name, became a popular girl's name in the mid-20th century.

Name: Alison Gender: Female Usage: Alison is a very popular first name. The meaning of Alison is "Noble kind, from the noble".Its origin is "Variant of the French name Aalis".Alison is a form of Aalis and is generally pronounced like "AL ih sun" and "ah lee SAWN". It is still deemed a relatively extraordinary and exotic name in the western world. Explore thousands of baby names at Disney Family.

Is just herself, and won't change anything about herself for anyone else. Each letter inside your Christian name has a number equivalent. Alyson dates from the beginning of the y-as-theoretically-cool-quasi-vowel era, back when Lynda and Karyn were considered new and edgy names. In 1840 there were 18 Alison families living in Pennsylvania. However, the name also derived as a masculine English matronymic meaning "son of Alice." Allison can mean "Little Alice." Allison is an alternate spelling of Alice (Old German). News flash: They're not. It has same or different meanings in other countries and languages. Alison and all of its variations are from Alicen, a feminine French diminutive of Alice.

Alison and all of its variations are from Alicen, a feminine French diminutive of Alice.

Alison is a name that's been used by parents who are considering baby names for girls. She's shy, but once you get to know her, you'll be glad you did.

This name is mostly being used as a girls name. The history of Alison originates from a Scottish background.

Numbers are suppose to hold the key to our inner most personality. The name of Alison gives you a clever, quick, analytical mind, but you suffer with a great deal of self-consciousness, lack of confidence, and much aloneness because of misunderstandings. And when she falls, she falls hard, and has a tough time getting back up. A spelling variant of Alison, it is of German origin, and used predominantly in English, French and Scottish language, Allison is derived from 'adal' and 'helt' and means “noble kind." A gorgeous girl who doesn't know how beautiful she is. The different meanings of the name Alison are: Germanic meaning: Noble kind; of the noble sort; French meaning: Noble kind; of the noble sort The name Alison means A 13th century variant of Alice meaning nobility. ; Your idealistic and sensitive nature gives you a deep appreciation for the finer things of life and a strong desire to be of service to humanity.

Allison is a version of the French name Alice, meaning “noble.” It’s an extremely popular name choice for girls in the U.S. that sounds not too trendy but not too “vintage” either.

Browse for all the origins, histories, and meanings of Alison and over 40,000 other names. The name Alison means Scottish form of Louise: battle famous. It is more often used as a girl (female) name. Alison/Allison has two etymologies.

In French, it is common to add the suffix son meaning "little" to create a nickname.. Alison falls into the song name category.. The name Alison was originally a dimunitive of the Norman French name Alis, a form of the Old German origin name Alice.. What does Allison mean? Has her own style. This was about 27% of all the recorded Alison's in the USA. Imagine that, 120 babies in New Jersey have the same name as you in 1977.

Allison is name that's been used by parents who are considering unisex or non-gendered baby names--baby names that can be used for any gender. Pennsylvania had the highest population of Alison families in 1840. The most Alison families were found in the USA in 1880. She is nearly impossible; she can’t ever make up her mind. Find out more about the name Allison at A llison as a girls' name (also used less widely as boys' name Allison) is of Old German derivation, and Allison means "noble, exalted".
An extended form of the name Alice, which is from the Old French Adelais, which is from the Germanic Adelheidis, meaning ‘noble’ and ‘light’. Meanings and history of the name Allison. in French. The history of Alison originates from a French background.

The meaning of Alison has more than one different etymologies.

… Alison/Allison has two etymologies. The name Alyson is a girl's name .

However, prior to that it was used as an uncommon masculine name, derived from the English and Scottish surname ALLISON . Alison Name Meaning.
Some famous bearers of this name include: Alison Sweeney. Allison is a version of the French name Alice, meaning “noble.” It’s an extremely popular name choice for girls in the U.S. that sounds not too trendy but not too “vintage” either. Learn about the name Alison: meaning, origin, popularity, and more!

Alison is a female first name of Greek origin which suggests "light".

Alice derives from the Greek "aletheia," meaning "truth."
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