average bike speed km/h

City Riding. To satisfy your curiosity, Strava, a cycling app, recorded data from more than 160M bike rides word wide and calculated the average speed.

2011 – Paris Tours – average 42.988km/h (though in 2003, the average winning speed was 47. 2017). Informationen zu Ihrer Nutzung unserer Website werden daher an Google übermittelt. In 2006, the city of St. Petersburg, Florida, installed bike riding lanes on two of its streets. According to the app, the male US cyclist rides at 24.35 km/h, and the male UK has the highest speed cycling at 25.61kmh. Understanding what the average bike riding speed is may be useful if you are trying to train yourself to be an above average cyclist. Now, you can use the above figures to gauge your speed.

This was the Tour de France of 2005, which was won by Lance Armstrong. 19.84 km/h That puts the Netherlands and UK riders ahead of cyclists from France, USA, Germany and Spain. The average road bike speed is between 11 and 12 mph.

Despite the reasonably large 5.9% reduction in total weight, only a relatively minor 1.9% increase in average speed is … When we talk about the average bike speed, we mean the speed at which someone cycles calmly on a normal bike.

>> 45 km/h E-Bikes von Bulls, Stromer, Hercules und weiteren Top Marken Nowadays the average cycling speed in the Tour de France is about 25 mph (40 km/h). Mit dem bikespeed-RealSpeed-Tuning lässt sich Ihr E Bike schneller machen, und zwar deutlich: Unser Tuning hebt die Begrenzung der Motorunterstützung bei 25 km/h auf – und macht unbegrenzte Geschwindigkeiten möglich. The difference with the actual speeds travelled by other traffic is not clear. Speed: Typically found 0 km/h Stationary objects, not moving, parked car 1 m/s, 3.6 km/h Average human walking speed 20 km/h Easy cycling speed on a bicycle 50 km/h Typical car speed on residential roads or busy city roads 80–90 km/h Vehicle on main road, travelling reasonably fast 100–120 km/h Average speed is affected by route profile, road surface, type of bike, weather conditions, aerobic power of the cyclist, position on the bike and so on. If you're a relatively fit new rider, riding a road bike on the street, you can expect to ride between 15 and 20 MPH. Calculate your average speed A moment ago: Someone realized he or she needs to weigh 169.31 pounds (lbs) to have a bmi of 25.0 This calculation will help you calculate your average speed when you have covered a certain distance over a certain time. This might not seem that impressive, but if you consider that the cyclists get this average by cycling 2237 miles (3600 km) in 20 days, you can see that this average speed is … Dabei zeigt es als Tuning-Lösung der neuesten Generation immer die reale Geschwindigkeit auf dem Tacho an – dafür steht RS = Real Speed. However, the average speed of speed pedelec riders on the roadway of 32 km/h is lower than the limit of 50 km/h (Stelling-Konczak et al. As you develop your muscles and efficiency, you may get an average of between 20 and 25 MPH.

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The fastest Tour de France had an average speed of 25.88 mph (41.7 km/h). For the average-strength rider on the 2016 Transcontinental (TCR) route, decreasing the total weight by 5 kg would make the average speed increase by just 0.41 km/h and the total cycling time would be reduced by 3 hours 23 minutes (so the finshing time could be about 6.5 hours earlier). 5 km/h) Audax Average Speeds Audax events are not races, but long distance events where the rider has to complete a set route at a particular average speed, emphasising route finding, mechanical reliability and the ability to ride to a schedule.

Indeed, the average cycling speed is dependent on external factors such as the wind or whether you’re cycling uphill.

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