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; JOURNAL OF AN EYE-WITNESS. Our company has lost during that time 25 men. Eyewitness Account from Chancellorsville. By megan kate nelson November 10, 2014 5:47 pm November 10, 2014 5:47 pm. … Battle of Fredericksburg, clash between Union and Confederate forces on December 11–15, 1862, during the American Civil War. Battle is married to a graduate of Clark-Atlanta University Anthony Johnson, a New Jersey reporter for Eyewitness News on Channel 7 WABC-TV. Battle of Atlanta continues Confederate General John Bell Hood continues to try to drive General William T. Sherman from the outskirts of Atlanta when he attacks the Yankees on Bald Hill.

August 1864: The Bombardment of Atlanta – An Eyewitness Account. Yet another Georgia soldier, writing to a friend, told of his experiences at the Battle of Chancellorsville. The Battle of the Atlantic played a very significant part in World War Two. The Union army had half a million men altogether, and at the time, the army was split in two. The Great War 86,672 views On the evening of Nov. 15, 1864, Union Lt. Col. Charles Fessenden Morse sat on the roof of a house and watched Atlanta burn. The Burning of Atlanta. Sherman declared Atlanta a U.S. military outpost, meaning all civilians had to leave -- black and white, pro-Union and pro-Confederate, old and young alike.

The war finally reached Atlanta in July 1864 – the Battle of Peachtree Creek was fought on July 20, the Battle of Atlanta was waged on July 22, and the Battle of Ezra Church was decided on July 28, but it would be five long weeks until the city of Atlanta would surrender to Union forces on September 2, 1864. A rubric is included. In World War Two, after the escape at Dunkirk and the inspiration of the Battle of Britain, the Battle of the Atlantic was Britain’s next nightmare. Students will write an eyewitness report from the perspective of a person involved in the Atlanta Campaign. Join Historian Douglas Ullman, Jr. as he discusses the impact that the Atlanta Campaign had on the outcome of the Civil War. Dec. 23, 1864 ... After mentioning the movement of HOOD's army north of Atlanta, and into Tennessee, he writes, under date of Atlanta… Atlanta’s skipper gave the proper prewar order to counter-illuminate the enemy target.However, his gunnery officer decided that illumination was not the proper response and shouted, “F - - k that! Eyewitness illustration of Atlanta residents preparing to evacuate. The Monitor and the Merrimac square off and make naval history. His expulsion order of Sept. 7 offered the few thousand non-combatants in Atlanta a choice. … The Battle Of Shiloh, 1862 •. In addition, there were extensive troop movements and some additional fighting in-and-about Ormewood, Brownwood and the south-edge of Edgewood to the west and Terry Hill, Parkview and the south-edge … The battle of Atlanta was a short one, but in order to understand it I will have to give context on small battles that led up to it.



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