best modern bass players

9. One of the greatest (if not the best) bass players of all time. The best MP3 players are modern devices filled with features. The low B-string that is added to 5-string basses provides all the depth that most bass players will ever require. This is important because the Jazz Contrabass is the instrument mostly associated with bass guitar in modern music. By Bass Player Staff (Bass Player) 08 January 2020. The 17 best bass players in the world right now. In modern music, sometimes you must have access to lower notes to match booming drums. He is widely considered to be the best bass player to have ever lived and has been named as the main inspiration of many other famous bass players. A very talented guy. It was what was played in the early days of Rock and Roll before the electric bass guitar was adopted.
Sting. Mark King (Gizmodrome) 15. The 20 Best Bassists of All Time. Di Giorgio has played bass guitar in many heavy metal and death metal bands.

Here are the 10 best rock bassists of all time. Chambers played a … I’m sure there will be no shortage of worthy candidates posted. The 15 Greatest Bass Players of All Time. For many metal fans, the list of best bass players begins and ends with Cliff Burton. We have the full gamut: fingerstyle players, pick players, slappers, pluckers and tappers, with some of our players combining all of these styles to coax the best bass tones out of their instruments. Known for his fast fingerstyle playing, Burton played a major part in Metallica’s rise to world domination. He has technique, speed, and diversity. Dave Swift (Jools Holland) 14. John Myung (Dream Theater) 13. However, I’d like to post my candidate; Tony Levin. In fact, many 5-string bass players only use the low B-string sparingly. Burton was tragically killed in a coach crash, leaving, in the opinion of some fans, a hole in Metallica’s line up that remains impossible to fill. The 40 best basslines of all time. When you want to talk about actual talent and not name recognition then talk about Steve. Let’s share some empathy for the bass players of the world. Just take a look at the bands he's been in. Glenn Hughes (Black Country Communion) The MusicRadar/Total Guitar Best in guitars 2017 polls have received over 136,000 votes, and we're now ... 16. His playing is beyond what I could say about it." ... As a perfect example of the application of the upright bass in modern pop music, the bassline which propels ‘The Lovecats’ is insanely catchy, based on a nifty fourths-based triad and oozing the sound of wood. 17. ... walked away from Metallica to become the best bass player of the ‘90s as Primus' frontman. Sure, they may not be as popular as they were a decade ago, but that doesn't mean they're outdated technology - or …
Paul Chambers John Coltrane once said, "Paul Chambers was one of the greatest bass players in jazz.
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