blocked fuel cap breather

Culprit, clogged up fuel cap. Re: Symptoms of fuel cap vent blockage? I've just been reading through another topic regarding power loss on a 200TDi and Trewy suggested that the bloke should check his fuel tank breather. When the pressure reaches a certain point (defined by so many pounds per square inch) the valve opens by … The huge vacuum 'wooooosh' when I opened the fuel cap yesterday has got to mean the breather is blocked doesnt it? Thanks-pos

By mcferreira100, October 16, 2014 in Yamaha Workshop. A car's fuel tank is much more than a tank with a fuel hose leading to it. Unfortunately, this hole would allow the fuel to splash out when accelerating or turning a corner. Fuel Breather Clogged? I like to be different! I have been told by Julian at Overland Cruisers that my fuel tank breather is blocked and that it is in the fuel cap. Re: Should a fuel cap vent? If it starts it may be your cap that needs a replacement.

For anyone that doesn't think the lift pump on a OM617 can practically suck a golf ball through a garden are two pictures of my fuel tank when the vent became fully blocked for some reason on a 3,200 mile round trip.

This is evidenced by a rush of inward moving air when removing the fuel filler cap (the cap has no breather / hole). After the first time I had this problem I used compressed air to blow out the crap which must have been blocking the drain tube. When the pressure reaches a certain point (defined by so many pounds per square inch) the valve opens by a very small amount, relieving some of the pressure. My neighbours 6400 does this on summer fuel.

Does anyone know the layout and position of the breather(s)? Addicted PP Member. Then blow it out.

I took off the fuel cap and cleaned the shit out of it with some carb cleaner.
Shop with confidence - get free shipping to home or stores + price match guarantee! Releasing the fuel filler cap produces a hiss of escaping air/gas and driving with the cap loose is perfect. Most people are not even aware such a problem can occur or what it might lead to. When I opened the cap to refuel, the well was full of water, some of which went into the fuel tank. I tried to clear it on the road by blowing in it with a drinking straw but it would not clear. If unsure, ride with gas cap not locked down. Checking the parts diagrams for the fuel tank should show either a breather or no breather.

it would cause a vacuum in the tank and prevent fuel flow to the engine. Re: Blocked fuel tank breather/vent. The vented gas cap has a one-way release valve that is pressure-activated.

Desiccant Fuel Tank Breathers. You will notice a decrease in overall power and acceleration, particularly at low engine speeds. Otherwise, if the cap is vented, blow it out with air, or dump the cap in a pail of something, Varsol or break clean for a minute. If so, how can I check/test/fix the cap? Fuel Cap Breather blocked Sign in to follow this . But the fuel pump is not powerful enough to pump fuel out of the tank if the underpressure is to high.

If you have a 50 gallon tank, a 1,000 gallon tank, or a 50,000 gallon tank, the fuel being pulled out is displaced by air drawn in through a vent. A clogged breather can cause vacuum leaks, leading to an incorrect air-fuel ratio. Thanks: 213. The two holes into it don't seem messed up, and the hold in the middle of the bottom of the cap looks open. mcferreira100 71 mcferreira100 71 Member; Free; 71 652 posts; Gender: Male; Location: Cape Town; Interests: Collecting mostly 2strokes; Current Bike(s): Current: Yamaha 2 x …

Has anyone else had this problem. I intend to locate the outlet of the drain and blow compressed air backwards to clear it.

The latest issue is the blocked fuel cap drain. Is my fuel tank breather blocked? Join Date: Feb 2007; Posts: 3092; Share Tweet #5.

Followers 0. I'm wondering why use long breather hose for fuel tank cap, compared to just valve in the cap? Removal will be difficult and the sudden rush of air into the tank will be audible. Posts: 4,479. FIAT Forum Useful Links: Donate to FF | Buy FF Merchandise | Classifieds | FF Insurance | How-to Guides: Last edited by red; 02-01-2011 at 22:03. A blocked vent pipe to the car's gas tank can be a real problem. If uncorrected, this problem can lead to a buildup of corrosive acid, which can damage the entire engine and cause a complete loss of engine power. … So when when the car stalls on you the next time, rush out and remove the cap, and try starting again. All diesel fuel storage and equipment tanks draw air into the tank as fuel is pumped out of the tank or consumed by the engine or engines that depend on the fuel for providing the source of its power.
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