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Easiest way to detect and block adblock users. The game offers a brilliant combination of action and strategy with offers soldier battling through the time-travel game scenarios. The stock of cartridges is endless. Taking charge of some goofy-looking soldiers, the player shoots, bombs and shells his way through 24 missions full of enemy grunts, tanks, choppers and artillery, not to mention a few expendable civilians. Notify when download is available. Virgin ported the game to home computer systems MS-DOS, the Atari ST and the Archimedes, and the consoles Jaguar, Mega Drive, SNES and 3DO.The game is military-themed and based on shooting action with squad-based tactics.

So, if you have problems in any mission, continue reading. Cannon Fodder gameplay screenshot Review: Rating: 4 Cannon Fodder is an action-oriented strategy game where you control a team of up to six soldiers on various missions. Cannon Fodder 2: 1994: Cannon Fodder 3: 2011: General information.

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The game also allows the player to destroy all the enemy units and building that produce the enemies.

No classic box available at the moment. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Yes, Cannon Fodder has the feel of an expansion pack for Psygnosis’ popular Lemmings. Cannon Fodder is an action shoot 'em up game developed by Sensible Software and published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment for the Amiga in 1993. Cannon Fodder - Manual Epilepsy Warning - Read this before playing Cannon Fodder A very small percentage of individuals experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. The game is the second sequel to Cannon Fodder, a commercially and critically successful game released for multiple formats in 1993. Cannon Fodder 2 is also known as Cannon Fodder 2: Once More unto the Breach is an Action-Adventure, Shoot-em-up and Single-player video game developed by Sensible Software and published by Virgin Interactive. For Cannon Fodder on the PC, GameFAQs has 4 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs), 2 cheat codes and secrets, and 2 reviews.

1 Availability; 2 Game data. 5.1 Localizations; 6 Other information. The player controls a small squad of up to five soldiers. Cannon Fodder 3 is an action strategy PC game developed and published originally in Russia by Muhammad Niaz, along with developer Burut CT. Cannon Fodder 2 (pc game) Sensible Software 1994. :Angry: I have just found it on my PC but cant get past the first snow level cause i cant use them. Cannon Fodder 2 PC.

This game is fun, it really is.



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