classic x men 1988

1, 1988–1998). share. Description Description. Publication history Excalibur (vol. CLASSIC X-MEN #18 Date: Feb 1988 Cover Price: $1.25 Publisher: Description.

Classic X-Men #20 (April 1988, Marvel Comics) Near Mint 9.2 $ 2.99. 12 comments. Comic Art For Sale at; Classic X-Men #24 p 5 (1988) by artist John Bolton "ALWAYS BUYING AND TRADING FOR ANY AND ALL COMIC BOOK ART AND COMIC BOOK STRIP ART" (330) 221-5665 or Excalibur (vol.

Add to cart. Categories: Classic X-Men, Marvel, Near Mint 9.2 to 9.8. The X-Men are a group of mutants—evolved human beings born with extraordinary powers—who use their abilities to defend a society that both hates and fears them. Originally printed in: UNCANNY X-MEN #112 (Aug 1978) Reprinted in: X-MEN VIGNETTES #2 TPB (03 Aug 2005) Marvel Comics; Information from vu. Marvel, 1986 Series ... October 1988 Add/replace cover. A nearly perfect copy that looks brand new with only a …
Classic X-Men #20 (April 1988, Marvel Comics) (rear cover) 1 in stock. Classic X-Men comic books, later retitled as X-Men Classic, reprints the earliest X-Men stories. save hide report. Classic X-Men. The first issue was a partial reprint of Giant-Size X-Men #1, and the other issues reprinted Uncanny X-Men #94-206, with the exception of the "Days of Future Past" story from issues #141 and #142. - Classic X-Men #23 (1988) art by Mark Chiarello (penciler) and Kent Williams (inker) Image/Video/Media. Excalibur's original creative team, writer Chris Claremont and artist/co-writer Alan Davis, incorporated elements of two Marvel properties: the X-Men and Captain Britain.The resulting superhero team Excalibur first gathered together in Excalibur Special Edition #1 (1988) and were soon featured in a monthly series. 1) 1988–1998. The home of all things X-Men on reddit, be it comic books, film, television, gaming or any other ... Nightcrawler, Wolverine, and Colossus in Japan! Reprints of classic X-Men stories that Marvel put out. Browse issues from the comic book series, Classic X-Men, from Marvel Comics.
Excalibur's original creative team, writer Chris Claremont and artist/co-writer Alan Davis, incorporated elements of two Marvel properties: the X-Men and Captain Britain..
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