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NOTE: effects of atmospheric aerosols on regional scale is discussed in Lectures 25-26. • Many big cities exhibit photochemical smog, including Mexico City, Tokyo, Sulfur dioxide, a reducing agent found in urban air, might be expected to react with the oxidizing atmosphere produced by photochemical smog. View Answer. It does not, however, react directly with either ozone or nitrogen dioxide in air although these reactions can occur in solution or on surfaces.

There are two kinds of smog: a) Classical smog. Photochemical smog is formed due to action of sunlight on nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons produced by factories or automobiles. Stuck at a Question?

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20,000+ Learning videos. Classical smog is oxidising smog whereas photochemical smog is reducing smog. Emissions from cars and other vehicles are the largest sources of smog.

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b) Photochemical smog. Generally, photochemical smog is less concentrated in the early morning or evening; therefore, exercising and planning outdoor activities during this part of the day limits smog exposure. Although photochemical smog is often invisible, it can be extremely harmful, leading to irritations of the respiratory tract and eyes. The two smogs can be differentiated as follows: Smog. 3. Reduce your daily pollutant emissions by driving less, making use of carpools, and maintaining the car in good condition. Reduce your daily pollutant emissions by driving less, making use of carpools, and maintaining the car in good condition. Get your doubts … 8,000+ Fun stories. Photochemical smog is a unique type of air pollution which is caused by reactions between sunlight and pollutants like hydrocarbons and nitrogen dioxide. Photochemical smog is oxidising in nature. 4. Smog. Revise with Concepts. Classical smog occures in cool and humid type of climate.

2. Emissions from cars and other vehicles are the largest sources of smog. 6 Photochemical smog formation: Initial stage: NO, CO, RH Final stage: O3, NO2, PAN (and other hydrocarbons), haze (aerosols) NOTE: photochemical smog evolves in time (will be discussed in Lecture 20).

10,000+ Fundamental concepts. It is the blend of smoke and fog. Example Definitions Formulaes. Promote prevention programs:
“Smog Watch” is a pollution prevention program targeted
Toward getting Individuals to reduce their smog-producing
activities during summer hot spells. VIEW MORE. Classical smog is reducing in nature.
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