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... Darkrai Dark Void hitting opponent.png 624 KB. Why isn't Darkrai a Ghost Type? Awakening after this, Darkrai seeks to bring nightmares to PLANT and the Orb Union. This Pokémon "inhabits" people's dreams and causes them to have unending terrible nightmares. Proverbs say that Darkrai will make people have terrifying dreams on moonless nights. If this move is used by any other Pokémon (including via Assist or Metronome), the move will fail, displaying the battle text "But can't use the move! Darkrai possibly feeds off dreams, characterized by its association with never-ending nightmares.
Darkrai appears as a Poké Ball Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. 4.When summoned, it uses its signature move Dark Void, throwing a dark orb that pulls opponents in, puts them to sleep and inflicts continuous damage.

Darkrai is a Dark type Pokémon introduced in Generation 4. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, it is stated that the only way a person can wake from one of these nightmares is to be exposed to the Lunar Wing of Cresselia. Dark Void puts all adjacent foes to sleep, with an accuracy of 80% for each Pokémon. As they sleep, their damage percentage gradually increases as a result of Darkrai's Bad Dream ability.

Dark Void (1/1) All Opponents: 50-Puts the target to sleep. Effects. ". -- … No Time For Dreams (2/2) Self--Add 1 charge to Dark Void. Please help by expanding it. Darkrai. In a Double Battle, Dark Void targets both foes. Increase Sp. It can only be used by Darkrai.. Dark Void will have no effect on Pokémon with Insomnia or Vital Spirit.

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1% (hit) 1% (loop grounded), 2% (loop airborne) Arceus: 12: Gravity: Arceus will launch mid-air opponents downward. 491Darkrai Dream 2.png 179 KB. Darkrai: 12: Dark Void: Darkrai causes nearby opponents to fall asleep. It targets all adjacent opponents i.e. Dark Pulse: 3: Single: 100: 114: Has a small chance of making the target flinch. Pokédex data.

the opposing Pokémon in a single battle, both opponents in a double battle, three opponents if in the center of a triple battle, or two opponents if situated at the side in a triple battle. ". Darkrai was the "mascot" of the Pokémon movie called The Rise of Darkrai. However, the Joule Team and Dearka Elsman with the Buster Gundam set out to stop him. It is the signature move of Darkrai. Dark Void's accuracy was reduced to 50% for each Pokémon. (previous page) 491Darkrai.png 767 KB.

... Why do people use Dark Void instead of Hypnosis in singles? In case you were wondering, Darkrai also has a Signature Move in the main series games: Dark Void.

If this move is used by any other Pokémon (including via Assist or Metronome), the move will fail, displaying the battle text "But can't use the move! Atk and Speed.

Darkrai Dark Void multiple balls.png 391 KB.

Foul Play is a move that Darkrai was able to learn in the main series games via move tutor, so Foul Play Darkrai could definitely be possible in the future.

Darkrai is the only known Pokémon that learns Dark Void. Dark Void ダークホール: Power Points: Base Power: Accuracy: 10 0 80 Battle Effect: The foe is dragged into a world of total darkness that puts it to sleep. Dark Void can now only be successfully used by Darkrai (or a Pokémon that has transformed into Darkrai).



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