dominion war casualties

Skip to content. ROYAL & DOMINION NAVY CASUALTIES - INDEX and BACKGROUND NOTES . From the European perspective, World War 2 lasted 2,194 days. It would also be interesting to know … Memory Alpha ("Dominion War") only describes casualties of the Federation-Klingon-Romulan alliance as "severe". This of course, because of their betrayal of the Dominion at the end of the war ended up inflating the figure upwards of 800 million from what Bashir said in the Command Center when he beamed down after the battle was … The war was fought by the Dominion to extend the will of the Founders over the two quadrants, while the alliance battled to remain free from Dominion influence. The Dominion War was a conflict fought between the Federation Alliance and the Dominion in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants from 2373 to 2375.

The following casualties served aboard either Deep Space 9 between 2369 – 2376, the USS Defiant while it was in service (2371 – 2375), or the USS Sao Paulo, renamed Defiant, in 2376: The Defiant s, along with the runabouts , were crewed by personnel stationed at DS9, as the ships were designated as support craft for the station and as such had no permanently assigned crew. How many Federation casualties were there (Starfleet and civilian)? I don't think this is a strong analogy. Edited by Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Net ... -Royal & Dominion Navy Casualties - Warships & Auxiliaries of the RN - Guide to Warship Locations-Campaigns, Battles & Actions : by DATE & SHIP/UNIT - Month-by-Month. Moderator: Vympel. StarDestroyer.Net BBS. What Federation territory (ex: Betazed) were occupied during the war? This article is about the Second Combine-Dominion War. The report of the UK War Office listed 1,204 Army war dead, 2,314 wounded and 150 taken prisoner. One of the most influential, destructive, and yet least decisive conflicts in human history was the First World War. The Dominion War was a major interstellar conflict, fought from 2373 to 2375, though related conflicts began earlier. – Eris, 2370 The Dominion War was a two-year (late 2373-late 2375) interstellar conflict between the Dominion and the Federation Alliance that consumed the entire Alpha Quadrant in one of the most destructive wars in galactic history. For 1,564 days, the world bled. PST: discuss Star Trek without "versus" arguments. Well, in the episode where Damar begins his defection from the Dominion, he states that so far up to that point in the war, there had been 7 million Cardassian military casualties. It's hard to compare anyone in the Dominion War to the Nazis, as nobody in the Dominion War was interested in genocide. The Dominion did not have a scorched earth policy, one would think they'd want to keep infrastructure and lives intact in order to further their goals of control and resource/territory domination. The war involved all major powers of the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants, formed into two opposing military alliances; the Federation Alliance and the Dominion-Breen Alliance. 7 posts • Page 1 of 1. Also, we only heard of a handful of worlds which became occupied, Betazed being one of them and that was in the latter part of the war. TrekWarsie Padawan Learner Posts: 252 Joined: 2002-12-29 02:08pm. 1914. FAQ; Logout ; Register; Board index. Of course, I can't remember if Betazed was really occupied or if it was just attacked. Get your fill of sci-fi, science, and mockery of stupid ideas. Science Fiction. This comparison is … Fiction. What Dominion War casualty figures do remember learning about when watching DS9? Quick links. An academic journal published in Newfoundland has given the details of Newfoundland's military casualties. January - February - March - April - May - June - July - August - September - October - November - Battle … The Second Combine-Dominion War was a late 31st Century/Early 32nd Century conflict between Clan Ghost Bear and the Draconis Combine and its allies Clan Nova Cat, from September 14th, 3098 to November 10th, 3101. We can assume, then, that many ships were lost, but any attempt at counting the loss of ships would result in pure speculation. At least 35 million casualties were suffered, on average 22,378 people per day (10,230 only counting soldiers). "You have no idea what's begun here." Which ships and bases were destroyed? Dominion War Casualties. The Dominion of Newfoundland was not part of Canada during World War I.

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