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More than just a horse We have more than 5000 free horse and … MLP … EQUESTRIAN . Beijing 2022 . Equestrian is probably the most interesting horse game currently in development. games. skip to content.

The object of the game is to create the best possible show horse by dressing it and training it to become an equestrian champion. Indeed, it combines not only jumping and dressage, but also a long cross-country course, on mixed terrain with sometimes imposing natural or artificial obstacles. Equestrian is the complete horse experience, coming to mobile and tablet! Equestrian is the mobile horse game that gives the player free reins. I'm Cleo Swift, and I strive to train, breed, and compete my beloved soul horse— the Spanish Mustang. Play the My Little Pony Guardians of Harmony game and defeat Queen Chrysalis!

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Play online games, and download apps from My Little Pony & Equestria Girls. the horse dream in your pocket. Equestrian featured in the Paris 1900 Games, but its official debut took place at Stockholm 1912. From the three disciplines that make up equestrian, eventing is the most demanding. Sign up . Horse Eventing is a nice equestrian game in which you can customize and train your horse to compete in shows and perform a variety of competitive activities. The Pony Creator is now available in app form for Android! Horse Show Jumping, Jump cleanly over the course of obstacles within a time allowed. Horse-games.org is a site created for people as we are - Admirers of Horses and Equestrian sports. 281 talking about this. Please ask permission before uploading this game to other sites. Menu. The legendary mustang is very brave, well-muscled, and beautifully colored. Equestrian - the horse game for mobile and tablet. LA 2028; Milano Cortina 2026 . According to the project’s website, Equestrian is a “horse game without unicorns”, with an emphasis on realism: “We realise that not every horse enthusiast is super into pink stardust, cartoons and unicorns. Vancouver … The game is under development & currently in closed beta testing. Feel free to play all day long on horse-games.org because we have the Biggest Collection of Free Online Horse Games. Twilight Sparkle's Surprise Dance Party.

Equestrian is the complete horse experience, coming to mobile and tablet! My Little Pony Rainbow Roadtrip Game. The iOS version is coming. Tokyo 2020 . We started this channel in 2015 to post equestrian and lifestyle themed videos. The Jewel Stables. If you'd enjoy good-looking graphics, riding and the possibility to build your equestrian career just the way you want to - then Equestrian is probably the right game for you. Mini Quizzes. Individual and team medals are awarded in each of the three equestrian disciplines. Pyeongchang 2018 . Sign up for important news & the chance to become a beta tester!

View striking Olympic Videos of Equestrian / Dressage - see the best athletes, medal-winning performances and top Olympic Games moments. Check out my Tumblr post and progress shots to get a preview of the app. 347 talking about this. Whether you’re grooming the horse, training it for a competition or simply riding in the countryside during a sunset, things look good. Archery Game. My Little Pony Friendship Quests Game. Sochi 2014 . London 2012 . Hi everyone, welcome to Equestrian Prep! We're working on horse games for the rest of us. Let's Ride: Riding Star is a game that has quite a lot of years behind it and in the looks department it might not catch your attention but it’s still above decent. Home Journal Horses Facilities Downloads Gallery Imports FAQ Welcome to The Jewel Stables! Hey everyone! Rio 2016 . Fashion-photo-booth.
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They're found to be most popular in western regions, but I do things differently here at TJS. Pinkie Pie Slumber Party Game . Paris 2024 .



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