eso queen ayrenn voice
Kate Beckinsale (born Kathrin Romary Beckinsale) is an English actress who provided the voice for Queen Ayrenn in The Elder Scrolls Online. She known for her role as … She leads the Dominion from its capital city of Elden Root . ESO has some pretty good voices overall, but Jester Queen Ayrenn's is one of the best by far I've heard in this game so far. Video Game: The Elder Scrolls Online. Queen Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri, the Unforeseen Queen, is the Queen of Alinor and the leader of the Aldmeri Dominion. Franchise: Elder Scrolls. For historical information, see the lore article. Kudos to her! The following is a list of voice actors and actresses who are credited in The Elder Scrolls … Kate Beckinsale is the voice of Queen Ayrenn in The Elder Scrolls Online. I hope she sticks around and voices some other characters.



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