gas cap hisses when removed

Having a vented cap would defeat it's purpose. Now the tank hisses like pressure release when gas cap is removed. Removing the cap enables the car to run, but this solution should not be a long-term fix. Turn the service valve hand wheel to the right so it is turned off, and remove the plastic cap covering the nozzle. FILTER RESULTS. Try removing your gas tank cap (where you fill it with gas) and see if that makes the hissing stop. I have owned a 94 Dodge Ram 1500 LST with a 318 and 2wd for 15+ years and have had the following recurring problem (as many others also have had). I did the CC rebuild by the way and I do get a little hiss from the cap when removed occasionally. As a temporary fix, remove and immediately refit the cap to …

My GT never did this. Make sure the gas is turned off and the used tank has been removed. filling tank is extremely slow. If your tank hisses when you open the cap, something is wrong. Having a vented cap would defeat it's purpose. Snuggly connect the grill’s gas line to the nozzle, and turn the coupler to the right until everything is screwed in completely. The car also has a cracked manifold and i need to know if that causing the problem. So I don't know, maybe my canister is bad? 2005 silverado gas cap hisses when opened. Check Engine light is on - tighten fuel cap alert is intermittent. Make sure the gas is turned off and the used tank has been removed.

Dodge Ram 1500 Emission Control And Exhaust ∕ Dodge Ram 1500 Miscellaneous Exhaust ∕ Dodge Ram 1500 Fuel Cap.

Now, as a side note, I may have cross threaded my gas cap with the tank and the rubber washer in my fuel cap may not be creating a proper seal on the tank, so that's likely why/how the gas is escaping from the cap. Should My Gas Cap Make An Air Noise When I Take It Off When Filling Up.

Hiss of Air When Fuel Tank Opened - Garethj : Cat-equipped cars have a pressurised fuel system (about 2 - 3 psi) to stop harmful fumes escaping when the car sits in the sun.

ACDelco (1) Duralast (13) This is a test. I had the fuel pump replace recently, do you think a line was pinched? Anyway one of the tubes associated with this might have a leak is my guess. Alternatively, some cars have a breather pipe fitted. Turn the service valve hand wheel to the right so it is turned off, and remove the plastic cap covering the nozzle. Tank acts like it is full, clicking gas pump off every 2 gals and hissing as pressure releases. Oh yeah, when I pulled off the hard plastic line coming from the tank and took a wiff of it, I smelled like raw fuel. Air Coming Out of Gas Tank When Opening Cap. when I remove the gas cap on my 92 Lumina it doesn't make that hissing sound like air is being sucked in the gas tank. My GT never did this. - 2002 GMC Sierra Denali Quadrasteer 6.0L AWD, 4.10s, K&N FIPK, Blackbear, Dumped Magnaflow, Goodmark Cowl - - 1994 K1500 Chevy Blazer Silverado TBI 5.7L 4x4, Last year of the Full Size 2dr Blazers - I didn't have any vacuum before I replaced all the fuel lines and gas cap, now when I open the tank after its been sitting for a month or so, the sound is astounding! Advance Auto Parts pulled code - Gas cap. ... Pressure When I Remove My Gas Cap,What Is Wrong If You Take Oil Cap Off And Hear The Vacuum,1991 Prelude Gas Cap Hissing,Air Hissing Noise When Unscrewing Boat Fuel Fill Cap,Is It Normal For Air To Come Out Of Tank When Gas Cap Is Removed. 2004 GMC Yukon Denali 6.0 liter V8. 1991 - 2.5L - 5spd Whenever I fill go to the gas station to fill up, when I remove the gas cap there is a lot of hissing. And if you remove your gas cap and allow air to flow into the tank, and the hissing stops, then I would think it would be a good indication it is something to do with this vent system. Good morning!

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