geoffroy's cat habitat

2006. The small spotted Geoffroy's Cat (Leopardus geoffroyi) is widespread and common throughout South America, however having once been the second most traded pelt after bobcats, it is still at risk from illegal poaching for the fur trade.There is also demand from the pet trade to interbreed Geoffroy's Cats with domestic cats to produce 'safari cats'.

Mammalian Biology-Zeitschrift für Säugetierkunde, 76(3): 3131-319. Geoffroy's Cat Leopardus geoffroyi. Activity and movement patterns of Geoffroy's cat in the grasslands of Argentina. The Geoffroy's Cat has been bred with domesticated cats and unfortunately this practice removes more of these magnificent felines from their habitat. The understanding of the spatial structure and dynamics of populations can guide conservation decisions, but studies of this type focused on small (< 7-kg) carnivores are rare. It is smaller than a domestic cat, and widespread and abundant over its range. Despite being a generalist in habitat and diet, the Geoffroy’s cat is threatened by habitat loss and hunting (for its pelt).

Geoffroy’s cat is a wild cat native to the southern regions of central South America. “Species” means a sort or type of wild cat that is different from the others. Geoffroy's Cat Main Characteristics Geoffroy's Cat is probably the most common wild cat in South America. Journal of Zoology, 268(4): 381-387. A solitary, primarily nocturnal cat, the Geoffroy's cat is a versatile hunter and preys on a variety of animals including birds, small mammals, insects and fish. Manfredi, C., L. Soler, M. Lucherini, E. Casanave. Although the Geoffroy’s cat is an accomplished climber, it spends most of its time on the ground. The result is the Safari Cat which, also unfortunately, is sold on the Web and at cat shows.The Kodkod has not yet been so bred and the genetics hopefully will not allow for it. The name can be tricky to write and say because it looks and sounds like “Geoffr e y”, a common first name for people. It is sensible to be aware of that. They are good swimmers and agile climbers and are often seen residing in trees, preferring a habitat of underbrush as seen in tropical rain forests. We compared survival, reproduction, and dispersal of radiocollared Geoffroy's cats (Leopardus geoffroyi) in a protected area and adjacent cattle ranches in Argentina to assess the effects of livestock …

This solitary, primarily nocturnal cat feeds on small rodents and birds. It is similar in size to a domestic cat. The fur pattern of a Geoffroy’s cat has numerous black spots and dark bands covering its head, neck, and body. They have a body length between 42 and 66 cms (16.5 - 26 inches), a tail length between 24 and 36 cms (9.5 - 14 inches) and they weigh between 2 … Geoffroy’s cat is a species of wild cat.
Home range and habitat use by Geoffroy's cat (Oncifelis geoffroyi) in a wet grassland in Argentina. My search for one of Argentina’s small wild cats, unimaginatively named the Geoffroy’s cat, gets off to a rocky start when I arrive in El Palmar, Entre Rios during an unexpected cold snap that sees the night temperatures plummet to two degrees centigrade.

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