hope grant checkpoints
5 303. Students Enrolled Fall term 2013 or later who previously lost HOPE Grant eligibility at a Checkpoint. Combined-Paid-Hours Limit.

Application is the FAFSA The Tennessee HOPE Access Grant is established and funded from proceeds of the state lottery and awarded to entering freshmen who are enrolled at an eligible postsecondary … You must have a 3.0 HOPE GPA at the End-of-Spring Checkpoint along with a 3.0 HOPE GPA at the 30, 60, and 90 hour checkpoints. Effective Fall 2017, when calculating the HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarship postsecondary GPA, an additional weight of 0.5 will be added to grades of B, C, and D for approved degree level science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses taken at … Effective Date – July 1, 2017 . If you are only receiving the HOPE Scholarship or Zell Miller Scholarship, the consortium agreement is not necessary. To continue receiving HOPE, a student must have a 2.0 HOPE GPA at the 30th hour. The End-of-Spring Checkpoint is in addition to the 30, 60, and 90 hour checkpoints. Georgia Residency. (i.e., Stafford Loan, Pell Grant). 13 305.7. 13 305.6. HOPE Grant Program REGULATIONS – 300. All students must maintain a 3.00 HOPE GPA at their 30, 60 and 90 attempted hours checkpoint and at the end of every Spring semester. 2 302. A student who was not academically eligible for the HOPE Scholarship as an entering college freshman may become eligible for the HOPE Scholarship … Paid-Hours Limit. 15. Students who lost the HOPE Scholarship at one of the checkpoints and now have a 3.0 at 60th or 90th check point are required to complete a HOPE Scholarship Institutional Application (HSIA) in addition to the FAFSA and/or GSFAPPS to be reviewed again for HOPE … You will no longer be eligible for the HOPE Grant when: HOPE Grant has paid for 63 semester hours. Program Overview. HOPE Scholarship for Transfer/Returning Students. Also, there is an attempted hours “cap” on the length of HOPE scholarship payment (127 attempted hours). 6 304.3. 13 305.5. Table of Contents. A student who lost his or her HOPE Grant eligibility at the 30 semester or 45 quarter hour Checkpoint, for failure to earn at least a 2.00 Cumulative Grade Point Average, can regain HOPE Grant eligibility if his … HOPE may not be regained at the Spring semester checkpoint, unless that coincides with a 60 or 90 hour checkpoint. Eligibility also ends after students take 127 credit hours -- and all credit hours attempted count, even if student drops the course part way through. After payment for 30 semester hours, the student is no longer eligible for HOPE Grant while enrolled in a degree level program. HOPE Scholarship eligibility lasts until you receive a bachelor's degree -- HOPE Scholarships do not apply to graduate study. 12 305.4. A HOPE Scholarship recipient must graduate from high school with a … There are two eligibility checkpoints: first when a student reaches 30 semester hours and second after 60 semester hours, based on HOPE Grant Paid Hours. A student must have been receiving HOPE to be considered as having lost HOPE. 2017-2018 HOPE Grant Program Page 2 of 35 301. Coursework Included in GPA Calculations. The student must then meet the HOPE Scholarship eligibility requirements at the 30 semester hour checkpoint.

Can I regain HOPE eligibility at the new End-of-Spring Checkpoint? Definitions. Section Page 301. To be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship as a transfer/returning student, you must: have maintained at least a 3.0 HOPE grade point average at the End-of-Spring checkpoint AND the 30th, 60th, or 90th attempted hour including all college/university attempted hours; be a legal Georgia resident Eligible and Ineligible Coursework. HOPE Scholarship is a merit-based award available to Georgia residents who have demonstrated academic achievement. For more information on the HOPE Scholarship, or to view the HOPE regulations, ... Students who lost the HOPE Scholarship at one of the checkpoints and now have a 3.0 at 60th or 90th check point are required to complete a HOPE Scholarship Institutional Application (HSIA) in addition to the FAFSA and/or GSFAPPS to be reviewed again for HOPE eligibility.
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