how to align drill holes
Bring your drill bit down to locate pipe in the 3rd hole you drilled. Cut one fewer spacers than the number of holes. Repeat tor the third and fourth holes. You would drill and bore the first hole. The tube could actually be clamped against this length of bar. Repeat. When, Why, and How to Use Pilot Holes Correctly The next time you need to screw or nail two pieces of wood together, first invest a few extra minutes in prepping the project with pilot holes. Drill holes from right to left, we'll say you can get 3 holes before you run out of travel. Repeat until you complete the row. After drilling the first hole, insert a spacer between the stop and the workpiece. Return table all the way to the left. Drill the second hole, and add another spacer to drill the third hole. Un-clamp & slide pipe to the right.

Drill two more holes. Locate the first hole with one transfer screw and drill it using a good technique (spotting drill followed by a full sized drill). Now mark the location of that second hole and again drill it as above. Be careful to keep debris from getting between the spacers. Re-clamp. Position the workpiece against the fence where you want the farthest hole, and clamp the stop in position. Then move the transfer screw to the diagonally opposite hole and put a bolt in that first hole to align the plate with it. Solved! Obviously any errors will stack up against you this way. Getting a precise distance between two holes would be a bit tricker but that could be done by bolting a length of bar stock across the drill table and clamping a stop onto this so that when the end of your tube was against the stop the hole location would be on the drill centerline.



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