how to become a zookeeper


Looking at a Zookeeping Career? There are many people who want to work with animals, so there is a lot of competition for jobs. Step 1: Background of Animal Experience. How to become a zookeeper.

Step 1: Get experience working with animals. One of the good things about becoming a zookeeper is that the educational requirements are not as heavy as some career choices out there. One route is to earn a degree in zoology. Zookeepers see to the health, happiness, and well-being of animals in a zoo. How to get a zookeeper job . The zookeeping industry can be a competitive one to get into, and while patience and persistence are key, there are plenty of things you can do to put yourself ahead of the pack. If you’ve finished school, you want to know if you need to go back. Become a Zookeeper!

Here is how to become a zookeeper! Maintenance and the survival of various and sometimes endangered species are critical to the role of a zookeeper. Typical hours (a week) 37 to 40 a week. The more experience and qualifications you can get, the better. We were once in your shoes, with big dreams of becoming zookeepers.

£25,000 Experienced. The good news is it’s easier than you think. Animals require care and attention every day, including Christmas and other holidays. The zookeeping industry can be a competitive one to get into, and while patience and persistence are key, there are plenty of things you can do to put yourself ahead of the pack. You have to have great confidence and be completely comfortable around all kinds of animals, something which can seem easier said than done when it’s your turn to clear out the lion enclosure. Entrance into this occupation can be competitive, and many start out as volunteers who are later promoted to paid employees. Years of study aren’t necessary to become a zookeeper. Zookeepers look after animals in zoos, safari parks and aquariums. Whilst we don’t offer paid apprenticeships, we do offer internships which are perfect first step on the career ladder. How to Become a Zookeeper. Are you outdoorsy and passionate about exotic creatures and conservation? Become empowered and motivated by building on your current knowledge, or step into a certificate course that gives you the confidence to take your career to the next level. Zoo keepers provide the highest level of health and species management, welfare, husbandry … How to get a zookeeper job . Read further to learn more about entering this exciting field. If you’re in high school and would like to become a zookeeper then a good idea is to study math and science. If you’re in school, you want to know what sort of tertiary study you should be applying for to get a job in the zoo industry. The more experience and qualifications you can get, the better. As a zookeeper, you'll need to be prepared to work year-round, and over weekends too. Contributing to conservation of endangered species and caring for sick and injured animals, zoo keepers can find opportunities to work in zoos, laboratories, animal rescue centres, wildlife parks and veterinary surgeries. You’re probably wondering what sort of qualifications you need to become a zookeeper. So, you want to be a zookeeper? They also help to educate the public about animals, and raise awareness about conservation projects. Becoming a zookeeper apprentice is a great way to get on the career track to become a fully-fledged zookeeper. Education Requirements to Become a Zookeeper. Though you’ll often see zookeepers cleaning dung out of a cage or feeding wild cats in their enclosure, the zookeeper is at heart a scientist. If you are interested in becoming a keeper, there are several ways to go about it. If you are interested in becoming a keeper, there are several ways to go about it. Zookeeper salaries are a bit tricky to pin down, not just because they vary from zoo to zoo, but because workplaces generally aren’t that […] Zoo Volunteer Work – What to expect If your goal is to get a paid position as a zookeeper, we highly recommend you become a zoo volunteer first. A zookeeper’s duties span a wide range, from giving the best care possible to animals to educating visitors and maintaining habitats. To become a Zookeeper, you’ll need to be good with all creatures, great and/or otherwise.

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