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The Muckrackers helped too, but they also brought out the horrors in society too. Meat Inspection Act What: a law requiring all meat to be unadulterated and correctly branded for sale Chronology: prior to the Food and Drug Act, after The Jungle is published Meat Inspection Act Required strict cleanliness requirements for meat packers and created a program of federal meat inspection. Meat Inspection Act: The Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1906 (FMIA) is a United States Congress Act that works to prevent adulterated or misbranded meat and meat products from being sold as food and to ensure that meat and meat products are slaughtered and processed under sanitary conditions. Delivery of inspectors' certificates, and of …

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It came about in 1906 as a result of … 19 May 2015.

Inspection of carcasses, meat of which is intended for export. Animal Slaughterhouse and Meat Inspection Act, 2055(1999) Animal Slaughterhouse and Meat Inspection Act, 2055(1999) Preamble.

Table of Legislation from Progressive Era Legislation. Regulates rail r oad rates and other practices.

Summary of importance. Antiquities Act. The Pure Food and Drug Act was a step further, it prohibited the the adulteration and mislabeling of foods and drug products.

The book dealt with conditions in the U.S. meat packing industry, causing a public uproar that partly contributed to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act in 1906. Hetch Hetchy Valley The location of a dam built by San Francisco in Yosemite National Park which hurt the preservationists led by John Muir. Like The Meat Inspection Act, the Sherman Anti-trust Act, and the Pure Food and Drug Act. §618. Meat Inspection Act - A law under President Roosevelt, that required a person of qualification to inspect the meat in the factory and not let unfitting meat be sold to the population. APUSH Thursday, March 14 ... 2013.

2. Meat Inspection Act.

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The Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1906 (FMIA) is an American law that makes it a crime to adulterate or misbrand meat and meat products being sold as food, and ensures that meat and meat products are slaughtered and processed under strictly regulated sanitary conditions.

07 Oct 2013. Published. 1902. These requirements also apply to imported meat products, which must be inspected under equivalent foreign standards. 4. He achieved considerable popularity in the first half of the 20th century, gaining particular fame for his 1906 muckraking novel The Jungle.

Sense of renewal served to intensify anxiety over social/political problems and raise hopes they could be fixed and democracy could be reconciled with capitalism. Another such act passed the same year was the Federal Meat Inspection Act. Provides for an alternative meat inspection programme that allows competent company employees to undertake inspection to identify non-food safety conditions. Inspectors of carcasses, etc., meat of which is intended for export; certificates of condition. So, to solve the meat crisis Roosevelt and congress passed the Meat Inspection Act of 1906. This Act required that meat preparation be inspected before being shipped over state lines, "from coral to can."

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