occupation of the rhineland

Hitler decided to break another aspect of the Treaty of Versailles by sending German troops into the Rhineland. The Occupation of the Rhineland 1918-29. The area known as the Rhineland was a strip of German land that borders France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. March 7, 1936 - Hitler Reoccupies the Rhineland. Nazi leader Adolf Hitler violates the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarno Pact by sending German military forces into the Rhineland, a demilitarized zone along the Rhine River in …

The French occupation ended in 1814, when Cologne was occupied by Prussian and Russian troops. The Third Reich held two more referendums.

Occupation of the Rhineland Invasion of Manchuria Invasion of Ethiopia The events listed above are examples of _____. Hitler moved on from the occupation of the Rhineland in 1936, to the annexation of Austria and the seizure of the Sudetenland in 1938, to the take-over of the rest of Czechoslovakia in March 1939 and then Poland in September 1939. ISBN 9781845114572. In 1936 German forces marched over the River Rhine into the Rhineland. The Franco-Soviet five-year treaty of mutual guarantee (May 2, 1935) was declared by Nazi Germany to be a violation of earlier international agreements. Pawley, Margaret (2008). RHINELAND OCCUPATION.

On March 7, 1936, Adolf Hitler sent over 20,000 troops back into the Rhineland, an area that was supposed to remain a demilitarized zone according to the Treaty of Versailles.

France and Belgium, facing economic and international pressure, accepted the Dawes Plan to restructure Germany's payment of war reparations in 1924 and withdrew their troops from the Ruhr by August 1925. The 1919 Treaty of Versailles and the 1925 Locarno Pact clearly stipulated that it was to be made into a demilitarized zone. The terms of the armistice provided for the immediate evacuation of German troops from Belgium, France, and Luxembourg as well as Alsace-Lorraine within 15 days. Although Germany had been steadily building up her army since 1933 it was not strong enough to hold the Rhineland if France or Britain counter-attacked. The area known as the Rhineland was a strip of German land that borders France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The inter-allied occupation was a long-term endeavour: the French settled in the south and the Belgians in the north of the Rhine basin. German forces remilitarized the Rhineland under Hitler’s control on Saturday, March 7, 1936. The reoccupation of the rhineland by German troops in March 1936, twenty years ago, and the French failure to take any positive action against this step, seem in the light of subsequent history to mark the turning-point in Hitler’s drive to reverse the defeat suffered by German expansionist ambitions in 1918. Hitler's reoccupation of the Rhineland. Germany had political control in this area but it was not allowed any troops into the Rhineland. Wigger, Iris (2010).

The Rhineland is a region in western Germany that borders Belgium, France, and a section of the Netherlands. If France or Britain were to oppose, the German army was to demilitarize the Rhineland. The Re-occupation of the Rhineland also meant that the Germans were likely to construct defences, making French pledges to Eastern European nations harder to fulfil should the need arise. Rhineland was demilitarized post WWI under the Treaty of Versailles.

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