one of the best tools used for web analytics is

Pricing: $299 or $599 per month, with enterprise pricing by quote. Analytics – Keeping a track of it all can be one tedious, overwhelming process. Pros

What used to be the exclusive sidekick of Data Scientists has now become a friend of every digital marketer. But thanks to Web Analytics tools, number-crunching and making sense of data has become quite simple!

I’ve discussed 32 of the best web analytics tools here. Data is power! Web analytics tools are designed to make website analysis easy. It offers stat filters and heat maps. The idea is to gather, organize accurately, and present data on your site’s performance for you—essentially performing the technical side of web analytics. Data. OWA is a downloadable application and is essentially the open source community’s answer to Google Analytics. For a free tool, OWA is filled with features. You should consider using these web analytics tools to get more granular details on your website performance, customer happiness, and improvement opportunities. Top 10 Best Web Analytic Tools If it’s not worth measuring, it’s not worth doing. Geckoboard is one of most widely used enterprise-level analytics platforms in the market. FoxMetrics offers you a number of different products and each one of them are focused towards increasing the revenue of your business.” — Sourcewp. By Tom Shapiro on August 19, 2015. Every business, big or small, must understand the performance of their website and marketing to achieve success. The platform allows creating custom dashboards using pre-built widgets and templates. It is self-hosted, and for wordpress users there is a plug-in available. This is one of the best event tracking web analytics tool which can be really helpful for any business site. Top 5 Web Analytics Tools. Numbers. These insights can then help you make smart decisions to optimize your site and marketing strategies for better results. Geckoboard offers 60+ in-built integrations with third-party tools like Google Analytics, SalesForce, MailChimp and Zendesk which allows adding custom data in to the dashboards. Open Web Analytics.

This tool can be used to track more than one website. Showcase reviews: Oneextrapixel, Sourcewp.



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