q meets guinan
When the USS Enterprise-B rescued 47 El-Aurian refugees from the Nexus, Guinan was one of those survivors. She also says if humanity had met the Borg when they were supposed to, a relationship of sorts could have been established. Guinan is somewhat cool and collected and an antithesis in attitude to Q Picard. "Time’s Arrow" Parts 1 & 2 [126th and 127th episodes] show how Guinan met Picard. He sought refuge on the Enterprise, and requested asylum and protection from the beings in the universe whom he had tormented.

It's possible that the Q granted her some measure of powers, the way Q Picard did for Riker, either as a test of her species or, more likely, given the attitudes of the rest of the Continuum as a whole, to allow her to accomplish her goal without being bothered by their more rebellious members. During her early one-hundreds, she migrated away from home to travel around the galaxy, paying her way by using her listening skills as a bartender as she lacked the patience to earn psychiatric degrees on all the worlds she visited and was uninterested in sex work (The Buried Age). Powerless, Q meets Guinan in Ten Forward. She was born sometime after the 1600s on the planet El-Auria. In the Q Who episode, Guinan tells Picard that humanity’s encounter with the Borg came "much sooner than it should have". Though usually a calm and reasoned observer, Guinan's personal life proved fitful and she held long grudges against both Q and the Borg as enemies — though even she relented against the latter when "Hugh" Borg proved civilized when cut off from the collective in 2368. At one point, Guinan explains "When the Enterprise-B beamed us off the Lakul, we were partially in the Nexus. Guinan is a member of the El-Aurian species. This would indicate that this is a personal thing between Guinan and Q. I would guess that Q harassed Guinan and/or her people. In 2366, Q was stripped of his power and immortality and transformed into a Human by the Q Continuum, as punishment for his irresponsibility. Guinan's alternate aspect within the Nexus in Generations seems to consider herself both separate yet one-and-the-same as the Guinan on the Enterprise; she tells Picard she is "an echo" of the Guinan that was transported from the doomed ships, yet she states that she cannot go with Picard to leave the Nexus as she's "already there". She then somehow contacted the rest of the Q continuum and they, being the only ones that can do it, put him in his place. When they first meet on enterprise they are both very surprised and both exclaim "You!". She also says that since they are now aware of humanity, they will be coming.. How can the Borg just be aware of humanity now, when they had …
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