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Red diesel is a fuel that is used in off road vehicles and machinery.

The lower fuel duty recognises this reality. Since home heating oil is taxed much less than diesel #2, a red dye is added to the fuel to differentiate the …

Do you require a licence to buy red diesel? From April 2022, red diesel will be available only to agriculture and the rail sector.

Videos, stories and updates Red diesel is intended for use by farmers and construction workers in tractors and diggers. It is chemically similar to automotive diesel #2, but significantly less expensive to purchase by consumers. It is used in many industries, most prominently construction and farming. NFU President Minette Batters has responded to the Budget, emphasising that the tax relief retained on red diesel for farmers is incredibly important to keep businesses producing the nation's high quality and affordable food.. Mrs Batters said: “The most significant decision today for British farmers is the announcement to retain the relief on red diesel. Rishi Sunak said the agricultural industry will retain the red diesel exemption amid significant concerns the government was going to scrap it.. FAME may cause damage to seals and other components in older diesel engines but, in reality, there is no guarantee that red … Red diesel is intended for use by farmers and construction workers in tractors and diggers. Farmers have reacted with fury and astonishment to fresh reports that the chancellor is considering scrapping the lower rate of fuel duty on red diesel. “Red diesel powers the majority of agricultural vehicles and is crucial for farm businesses and food production. Red diesel, which is dyed red to be distinguishable from white diesel to the authorities, is a low tax fuel set aside for farm vehicles and is, on average, 50p per liter cheaper than normal diesel. Red diesel fuel is used as a home heating oil. RED DIESEL may be in the sights of the new Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, as he scrambles to pull together the first Budget since the Conservatives' resounding General Election win – and the shock resignation of his predecessor Sajid Javid. The RYA will be lobbying for any new legislation to include a transition period of sufficient length to recognise that changes will need to be made to the supply system and that the marker dye in red diesel will be detectable in boat fuel systems for a considerable period of time after the commencement date of any change to the use of white diesel. The Chancellor did, however, announce that the tax break will be abolished for 'most sectors' as it 'funds pollution'. The agricultural industry will retain the red diesel tax relief, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced in today's Budget. Get the latest red diesel news in the Meridian region on ITV News. Farmers are facing into a period of massive uncertainty and rising costs. Red diesel currently has a duty of 11.1p per litre compared with 57.7p for standard diesel The NFU has highlighted the continued need for a lower rate of fuel duty for red diesel amid reports the Chancellor is to abolition the fuel's tax breaks. Red diesel is often preferred by recreational boaters because many believe it to be free of the biofuels (fatty acid methyl esters - FAME) included in road diesel. The last thing they need would be any moves by government that would drive up costs,” he said.



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