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And to fellow lurkers, keep on lurking it'll pay off! If just joining, I negotiated with them the same as any other company and HR was very reasonable. Employment. Although nurses rank salary as the top factor in job satisfaction, 31 percent of them don't negotiate their pay when starting new positions, according to's Nursing Salary Research Report. Members . Welcome to negotiation.

About Community. Online. Using the advice in this chapter, you may be able to earn yourself hundreds of thousands or even a million dollars or more over the course of your career. The Risks of Asking for Too Much in Your Salary Negotiation. Ultimately I ended up negotiating a significant salary increase! By taking the time to talk through why you feel you need more compensation, you can help employers better understand the value you provide. By Susannah Snider , Senior Editor, Personal Finance Jan. 16, 2019 By Susannah Snider , … Negotiating for a higher salary is the biggest tool you have to make more money as a nurse. When it comes to salary negotiation, choose your timing and wording carefully. Salary Negotiation. But the no-haggle approach might make sense for some companies. I have been working the job market for almost 30 years, and I have some recommendations that have worked for me: When asked by a prospective employer "what kind of salary are looking for" or "how much did you make at your current/last position," do not answer this question. First, he says, one company offered a salary range below his bottom line. 26. Chelsea Damon on September 14, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit. April 5, 2017 Posted by Jillian Kramer. Here are ten things that will not help you in a salary negotiation -- don't say any of them! The results of this salary negotiation can leave a candidate feeling wanted by your organization or devalued. Thanks again for all of those who share here. There are tons of articles about why you should negotiate your salary, and the world needs more contrarian takes. View All Moderators.

Reddit CEO Ellen Pao has banned salary negotiations for new hires, trying to level the playing field between women and men applicants. Are you asking as someone looking to join Amazon or already there? 9 comments. You’re not done negotiating. In addition to the interviewing skills that impressed his potential employers, Michael was bold in his salary negotiations.


u/yettobenamed. by Josh Doody. In our salary report, 45% of the men who responded said they negotiate their salary “most of the time or always,” compared to only 34% of women respondents. Almost everyone should salary negotiate a little bit when they receive a new job offer. After a salary negotiation, it’s important to know that it wasn’t the last. Of course, there’s the obvious risk of having the offer rescinded. The company will retract your job offer.



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