seniority list of idse officers

No. An Exchange of Thoughts- IDSE and Sappers Recently, on Navdeep's blog I happened to meet a very articulate, young (that's what I felt and assume) and committed IDSE officer and had a long interaction with him on the disconnect between the IDSE and service engineers. The unwritten law stuff is different. seniority list VIGILANCE CLEARANCE NORMS HAG NORMS GM NORMS AM NORMS DRM NORMS JAG TO SG NORMS RAILWAY QUARTER ON DEPUTATION ACR RATING REQUIRED Note:This is not an official list.

MES No. all india seniority list of additional director general (architect) as on 01 jan 2020 : b/45017/aisl/chief arch/01 jan 20/e1 dpc : 14 may, 2020: download (457.42 kb) hq chief engineer southern command : all india seniority list of junior engineer e/m in mes as pn 01 jan 2020 tentative seniority list of bs – 20 officers (female) belonging to general cadre (school wing) corrected upto 20-11-2019 tentative seniority list of bs – 20 officers (male) belonging to general cadre (school wing) corrected upto 20-11-2019 tentative seniority read more › 37,400 - 67,000, GP Rs 8,700 (Pre-Revised) Level 13 Its 118500-214100 (Revised Pay - 7 CPC) Srl No. ALL INDIA SENIORITY LIST OF SENIOR ARCHITECT (As on 01 Jan 2020) PB-4, Rs. Same with the lunch room. Stuff like the junior officers taking the junk calls and dealing with the vandalism reports and gas drive-offs. Other departments around us are nowhere near as seniority-driven as we are.

If we're eating lunch, the junior officers are expected to answer up for calls first. The assigning officer starts at the top of the list again each Monday, meaning the officers with the most seniority begin the week at an advantage. The individual agency lists are organized by job title; names are listed in reverse order of seniority, meaning the name at the top would be the first to go if that job title was targeted for layoff. Name of the Officer Whether Belongs to SC/ST, If Not, Say `Neither' Date of Birth Year of interview by UPSC Date of initial appointment in service Date of The undersigned is directed to refer to the subject mentioned above and to say that the fundamental principles of inter se seniority of direct recruits and promotees in Central Civil Services/posts were laid down in the Departmentof Personnel & Training (DOPT) O.M.

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