splitting image meaning

Splitting Image or Spitting Image? Define spitting image. Despite the greater amount of sense splitting might make, spitting is the correct answer. Spitting image definition is - someone or something that looks very much like someone or something else — usually singular. One of the very first questions that was asked at the Phrasefinder bulletin board was about 'spitting image'. Don’t Be Fooled!

Q: But it’s wrong.

Spitting image What's the meaning of the phrase 'Spitting image'? spitting image synonyms, spitting image pronunciation, spitting image translation, English dictionary definition of spitting image. The exact likeness.
A: As you pointed out, it does seem to make more sense, so it’s no surprise that it was corrupted fairly early on – and “splitting image” started appearing from the 1930s – relating to two halves of a tree and the wood being split in two and mirroring each other.

It notes that George Farquhar wrote the line, “Poor child! What's the origin of the phrase 'Spitting image'?

The Phrase Finder suggests the phrase came into being as a morph from the original spit and image or, perhaps, spitten image. Q: And “splitting image”? n. A perfect likeness or counterpart.

Before we had spitting image there was another version of this unsavory-sounding expression, which was spitten image.Spitten is believed to be a corruption of the words “spit and,” as spit formerly had the meaning of “perfect likeness.” There is evidence of spit being used in this fashion from the early 19th century:. How to use spitting image in a sentence. n informal a person who bears a strong physical resemblance to another, esp to a relative.
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