spotted gar tank mates

The largest Alligator Gar ever found was recorded to be 8 ft 5 1⁄4 in (2.572 m) long, it weighed about 327 pounds (148 kg), and it was 47 inches (120 cm) around the circumference.

Behaviour [edit | edit source] A very large and aggressive species. Group: Freshwater /Brackish Size: Large Temperament: Aggressive Aquarium Size: Large (50+ gal) Swimming Region(s): Bottom Suitable Tank Mates: Oscar, Pacu, Knifefish and Giant Gourami Difficulty Of Care: Weekly care – suited for experienced aquarists New Search I would venture a guess that you won't want to even come close to stocking 700" of gar. The Alligator Gar can grow really big in size. Gar fish are considered difficult pets to keep by aquarists, and often recommended for experienced aquarium enthusiasts. South America; in the Rio Negro and the Rio Urubu. Id say a 72"x30"x24" (LxWxH) would be considered a minimum to keep an adult spotted gar in comfort. Hello! I kept my spotted with a variety of tankmates, but the constants were a TSN, Clown Knife, Silver Aro, and polyterus sengalus and polypterus palmas. It is also important to keep food in his belly if there are tank mates that are of the size where they are close to being snack size. Kept it with … Similar species: Spotted Pike Characin (B. maculata) Habitat: In still and slow-moving water with reedy or grassy vegetation and submerged wood. I recommend you to use as big a tank as you can for your gar, and I wouldn’t recommend keeping gars in an aquarium smaller then 200 Gallon/720 L. And that should be considered a minimum, a 400 gallon/1400 L tank should be preferred.

I have a 75 gallon "sunfish" aquarium and a 3000 gallon "sunfish"/bluegill pond. Also what tank mates could I add with him to the pond? I am new to monster fish keeping and I want to start off my journey with a spotted gar. Get the best deals on Gar Fish when you shop the largest online selection at Gar Tank Mates Gars are natural predators and voracious eaters. For a medium-sized gar like this a tank of around 10′ x 5′ x 3′ (300cm x 150cm x 90cm) – 4050 litres would be just about acceptable. This article will give an overview of tropical gar for sale, size, fish, care, tank size, fish for sale, tank mates, full size It reaches lengths of as much as 1.25 m (four ft) (though sometimes lower than half that size) and a weight as much as 2.9 kg (6.four lb). 55 Gallon- Empty 125 Gallon- CKF and Tiger Oscar It can grow as long as about 10 ft (3.0 m) in their length. Other suitable tank mates are any type of gourami, silver dollar, Pleco, and Bala Shark. Large, aggressive cichlids should not be mixed with the African Leaf Fish. $80.00 Also what tank mates could I add with him to the pond? Don't keep the gar if you do not have the space for him. Would a 4x4 pond be sufficient at around 250 gallons? Florida gar 12" in length live tropical fish . That means if your gar can not tell the differance between his tank mates and lunch, it will become the ladder. $250.00. The Freshwater Gar Fish, shown in the video at the top of this page, live in a very large aquarium with several other Freshwater Gar Fish, a few Anostomus species, and several Anableps. August 2002, Hiroshi Azuma did … ... Make Offer - Spotted gar 12" in length live tropical fish . I’ve researched but can’t find a for sure environment size. However, they are a predetor so they will also eat fish. I am new to monster fish keeping and I want to start off my journey with a spotted gar. I’ve researched but can’t find a for sure environment size. Its one of the smaller species of true gar so probably wont get much over 24", if in an aquarium. No only that but they are a predatory species and will eat your cichlids if and when they can fit them in their mouth. Spotted gar for sale 4045cm Eating 10mm pellets Only suitable with other large tank mates Great condition 650, 1246644715

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