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Unfortunately for Steve Trevor, that’s exactly how he came to be the first outsider to set foot on the Amazonian homeland of Themyscira. Steve Trevor was a U.S. spy during World War II and the one-time lover of Wonder Woman. She is a Goddess and the daughter of Zeus. 4 - Steve Trevor. During the Silver Age, Steve was killed early on, and replaced by Steve Howard, which was actually Eros' spirit in the dead Steve's body. After obtaining evidence of an upcoming invasion of Britain, Trevor had to get the information to France. Bruce has no idea who he is or where he came from, only that he is important to Diana.

In the comics, Steve Trevor is a U.S. military intelligence officer who winds up stranded on Themyscira, the island of the Amazons. During a mission, he crash-landed and accidentally discovered the island of Paradise Island, home of the Amazons. David Haller and Wanda Maximoff. Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Sources close to We Got This Covered have revealed how Steve Trevor comes back from the dead in the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984.

Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter. Unfortunately for Steve Trevor, that’s exactly how he came to be the first outsider to set foot on the Amazonian homeland of Themyscira. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

Will Steve Trevor be in the Wonder Woman sequel? ... 10 Best DCEU Characters Wonder Woman or Diana Prince, the Amazon warrior princess portrayed by Gal Gadot, returns in the sequel, exchanging the dreary setting of England during World War I for America in the 1980s. Wonder Woman (also known as Diana Prince, who is secretly the Amazon Princess, Diana of Themyscira) is the overall tritagonist of the DC Extended Universe. While he’s not a hero in the traditional sense of the DCEU, Steve Trevor might be the most heroic person on this list. Steve Trevor No. To her surprise, she finds Steve Trevor standing before her, living and breathing. If only he knew how important. DCEU: 5 Reasons We're Excited Steve Trevor Is Returning To Wonder Woman (And 5 We're Wary) Wonder Woman 1984 is on the horizon, and so is Steve Trevor... somehow. She also serves as an emissary and ambassador from Themyscira, charged with the mission of bringing peace to the outside world (as that was the original purpose which the Olympian gods … Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow. Chris Pine will return as Steve Trevor in 'Wonder Woman 2,' which Patty Jenkins has confirmed will be titled 'Wonder Woman 1984.' The purpose could be to either learn something that only Col. Trevor knew of … We have three possibilities on how we might find the former spy alive in future DCEU films and what that means for the Diana/Steve love story. He's been an integral part of Wonder Woman's stories since her creation in 1941, and initially often played an inversion of the 'love interest' trope — in a wonderfully counter-cultural narrative, it was usually the man who needed to be rescued by Wonder Woman! Steve Trevor is a USAF pilot, and romantic interest to Wonder Woman.
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