tekken 3 yoshimitsu moves

A good range for Yoshimitsu is around mid range or closer where most of his tools can be utilized and start momentum. Its i10 light version is one of Akuma’s primary launchers (with meter), while heavy Shoryu deals more damage itself and has full invulnerability 8 frames in.

Get used to whiff punishing with d/f+2, ff+4 or cd+1 from range. #4 Yoshimitsu will turn around while in the air. #3 The longer Yoshimitsu is in the air the more damage the attack will do. After the 6th hop it damage will be 15 again. Here is a list of the types of moves usable in the Tekken series. So if you do any move that recovers crouching (db+2,2… strings are my most common setup), mash b+1 and Yoshimitsu will do Sword Sweep ASAP!

Harakiri (切腹 - Harakiri) literally means "Suicide", is a move used by Yoshimitsu. Get used to whiff punishing with d/f+2, ff+4 or cd+1 from range. or retreat Indispensable for setting up your own moves and for avoiding the enemy.

Indicates at which level a listed move hits. FC b+1 is by far the easier, more consistent input method for Sword Sweep! 70 combos for Yoshimitsu.

This page contains moves usable by Yoshimitsu. Yoshimitsu visited Boskonovitch when he learned of the many martial artist disappearances. Games Movies TV Video. Interrupting is a very important part of Tekken 3. Category page. Wikis. Yoshimitsu is best played as a random, unpredictable fighter. Michelle: Kunimitsu - A man in purple with the face of Yoshimitsu, and ----- kunai instead of swords. M: Yoshimitsu will go through opponent on counter hit. Yoshimitsu's sword is also an available weapon in the Tekken spin-off game Death by Degrees. Momentum is a major factor in Tekken 3, and when you become effective at switching the momentum to your attack whenever your opponent is on the attack, you will have a much easier time inflicting damage. For Tekken 3 on the PlayStation, Yoshimitsu by SineSwiper. #2 Damage increases with each extra hop to 23,27,43,65,107. Akuma Contributors: Toko; Move command Hit level Startup frame Block frame; f,d,d/f+1 _ f,d,d/f+2: Sm _ Sm Sm Sm: i10 _ i11-24 “Shoryuken”.
Foot Notes #1 Yoshimitsu receives equal damage.

His Tekken 3 incarnation is a bonus character available in Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis for the PlayStation and his Tekken 3 "energy sword" is one of the game's unlockable secret tennis racquets.

The outfit was also used as the design for Yoshimitsu in the 2010 live action Tekken film. It is the same for Tekken 3. Properties Column. Explore Wikis ... Tekken 3 Character Galleries; Tekken 4 Character Galleries; ... Yoshimitsu Moves. Edit. Use 1,d,f,d/f+1 to punish -10 or worse on block moves.



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