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A list of all players and complete bracket results can be viewed on smash.gg. Players have the ability to acquire sponsorships. The first competitors to enter the ring with their intro music were Speedkicks (Hwoarang) and KoDee (Heihachi).


Dress Code. Tekken 7 Tournament 8 Players. Create a community. Tekken 7; Organized by BattleLoungePDX . Create a tournament. Double Elimination. After an eventful Day 2 that ended with mind-blowing Akuma action in the Tekken 7: Fated Retribution character auction tournament, Tekken 7 Top 8 pools kicked things off for Community Effort Orlando (CEO) on Day 3 – Finals Day. × We are closing down end of March 2020!

Tiers Tournament Results Podcast Live Streams Events Stats Street Fighter 5 Dragon Ball FighterZ Super Smash Bros. Name Type Date Location Event Weight Creator; Winter Brawl 3D 2020 - T7: International: 2020-02-24: … Gigas - $37 - Jon Hammer.

Tekken 7 Tournament 8 Players. SRK data - Tekken 7 Tournaments. Effortlessly host multiple tournaments, leagues and events for your loyal members. tekken world tour 2018 finals headed to amsterdam to crown a new king of the iron fist tournament The Best TEKKEN 7 Players from Around the World to Compete for Cash Purse, Bragging Rights, and to be the Undisputed TEKKEN World Tour 2018 Champion with Exclusive Livestream on Twitch.

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People say Devil Jin's the best character in the game, but some of his moves which are considered OP are not at all bufferable, so it's easy to stuff him if he starts up too late, and if he doesn't start up late he might miss an input and get a move that results … King - $45 - Ice Cold Edge. 3 years ago. Tekken 7 FR Auction Tourney Results. Akuma - $70 - Markman. 7. Thanks! Law - $50 - Rick the Ruler. More than a hundred participants joined the fight for the lion’s share of the P100,000 prize pool at the Rage Art: Tekken 7 Tournament held at PlayBook Circuit Makati on June 3. Supreme Champion: Zeepso: Worthy Adversary: Jamonu: Maybe Next Time: Astral_Ocelot Full Results; Live Bracket Embed Code. During the release of Tekken 7 he racked up numerous tournament wins in the first Tekken World Tour Circuit, often beating current Echo Fox teammate Saint with his aggressive but technical Dragunov. A tournament with strong grassroots origins, StrongStyle, made a return in 2018 after a hiatus of … Jin - $24 - BMC. Jerseys, T-shirts and all other attire worn at the Tournament are subject to the restrictions set forth in Section 1.6 above and 1.8 below. Bryan - $27 - Jackie Tran.


Join. Welcome to r/Tekken. This character is compared versus 49 other characters in Tekken 7 (1 means best). The story can be read at journey-from-fgc-player-ranking-to-data-science. Josie - $31 - Over 9k. NorCal StrongStyle 6, Northern California’s major Tekken tournament, was held over the weekend with more than 230 players competing in Tekken 7. This edition of the event has the Tour spotlight to itself, which means that nearly all of Europe’s best will be under one roof. The fall 2017 edition of the biannual tournament was part of last year’s Tour, but it was one of two European events that weekend. Tekken 7 LILI statistics and tournament results This list character usage and tournament performance statistics for LILI in T7. Dragunov - $85 - Aris. • Tournament/Pot: $5/game entry per game (Cash only) Prizing will be awarded as follows: *If there are 6 players an less, Pot will be winner takes all* • 1st: 60% • 2nd: 30% • 3rd: 10%.

For most of the field, this is the last chance to earn points on this year’s Tour. All Players must wear appropriate attire at the Tournament. 1:27:12. Over 120 players from across the continent will take part in this weekend’s tournament.

Feng - $39 - Mateo .

Double Elimination. Sponsorships; Other Content. 1.1k. Tekken 7; January 12, 2018 at 7:00 PM EST Organized by 5010. Dress Code. Jack 7 - $75 - Anakin. Final Results. u/brainfraud. The TEKKEN World Tour makes its European debut this weekend with a stop at The Colosseum Spring 2018 in Rome, Italy.



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