tilt deck equipment trailer

Interested in purchasing this trailer? And of course, the hot-dipped galvanized finish will stand up to years of use in harsh, corrosive environments. This unit, similar to the 14FT, is designed to haul medium-duty, low-profile equipment. Heavy Duty Tilt Bed Equipment Trailer. The 14TL is a stationary platform tilt-deck trailer with a 4-foot stationary deck on the front (6-foot deck on the 22). w/8″ I-Beam Frame GN16Tilt-N-Go Gooseneck 16,000 Lb. Felling’s IT-I Tilt Deck Equipment Trailer is constructed of a cold-formed I-beam mainframe and Jr. I-beam cross members providing a single frame design. When constructing a utility trailer or even one specifically built for a single purpose, consider making it into a "tilt" trailer. w/8″ I-Beam Frame GN21Tilt-N-Go Gooseneck 21,000 Lb. Each style tilt operates in a different way. to 17,720 lbs. This model line offers load capacities ranging from 6,780 lbs. • Pan Tilt is a gravity tilt, it uses gravity and a center pivot point for the tilt bed to tilt. GE14Gooseneck Equipment Tilt Deck 14,000 Lb w/10″ 12 Lb I-Beam Frame GE16Heavy Duty Goosenecks and Pintle Hooks GE21Gooseneck Equipment Tilt Deck 21,000 Lb w/10″ 12 Lb I-Beam Frame GN14Tilt-N-Go Gooseneck 14,000 Lb. With up to 14k GVWR and an 18′ overall deck length and with a 14′ tilt section, this beast can handle the demands of a professional contractor’s specialty equipment.

Keep your equipment on the move with Diamond C. Engineered to take a commercial user beating, our flatbed equipment trailers, tilt trailers, deck-over construction trailers, and skid steer trailers are ideal for your heavy duty jobs that demand superior strength and durability. • IT-I (Industrial Drop Deck Tilt) tilts with the use of a … Locate a 14TL Felling’s Drop-Deck Tilt trailer’s tilt beds tilt to the ground for loading or unload of equipment. and is standard with a stationary platform. w/8″ I-Beam Frame GT22Gooseneck Equipment Tilt Deck …



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