unable to install android emulator

Launch the Android Emulator without first running an app. I'm trying now to install Gorilla on the android emulator provided by VS ( 'Android_Accelerated_Nougat (Android 7.1 API25)' ). While the emulator is running, you can run Android Studio projects and choose the emulator as the target device. Double-click an AVD, or click Run. Install an APK via drag-and-drop or connect to Android tools over ADB The Visual Studio Emulator for Android fits nicely into your existing Android development environment, with APK and file installation that is as simple as dragging and dropping items on the emulator screen. To start the emulator: Open the AVD Manager. Some schools and after-school programs develop primarily on emulators and provide a few Androids for final testing.

Open a command prompt and go to the folder where adb is installed. I've installed Gorilla Player desktop app and Visual Studio 2017 addin as well. For OS X v10.10 Yosemite and higher, the Android Emulator uses the built-in Hypervisor.Framework by default, and falls back to using the Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM) if Hypervisor.Framework fails to initialize (such as when running on OS X v10.9 or earlier).

Emulator starts slowly, fails to start due to a timeout, or app deployment fails Running the Visual Studio Emulator for Android from a bootable VHD. App Inventor provides an Android emulator, which works just like an Android but appears on your computer screen. This configuration is not supported. This is new Android emulator for Windows 10 PC which runs on Android 8 Oreo. A faulty hard drive. Consider running the chkdsk program. So you can test your apps on an emulator and still distribute the app to others, even through the Play Store. Launch the emulator from the Android Device Manager (select your virtual device and click Start). The Android Emulator loads. The emulator launches and the deployment process starts but nothing happens on the emulator, gorilla player never starts.

A hard drive that needs to be defragmented.



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