uses of wetlands

Wise Use refers to the sustainable use of wetlands for human activities whilst at the same time preserving the integral naturalness and biological balance of the wetland. The Importance of Wetlands Shakira Azan National Environment and Planning Agency. Wise Use provides a win-win situation for everyone, nature and man alike. When they accede to the Convention, Contracting Parties commit to work towards the wise use of all the wetlands and water resources in their territory, through national plans, policies and legislation, management actions and public education. Wetlands are the vital link between land and water. While it can be difficult to calculate the eco-nomic value provided by a single wetland, it is possible to evaluate the range Fens are alkaline rather than acid areas, receiving water mostly from surface and groundwater sources. 8). We surmise that these areas may become the bread basket of the region. He went there to highlight the incalculable value of wetlands to our nation, and the threat that climate change poses to them. Brings increase publicity and prestige for wetlands. Top 10 Benefits of Wetlands EarthShare April 26, 2015 July 3, 2019 On Earth Day 2015, former President Obama visited Everglades National Park in Florida. Australia currently has 65 Ramsar wetlands that cover more than 8.3 million hectares. The Wetlands Mapper is the primary public interface to the NWI geospatial dataset and is designed to deliver easy-to-use, map like views of the Nation's wetland and deepwater resources. The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance was adopted in Iran 46 years ago, and 2 February is now celebrated globally as World Wetlands Day. 4 Wetlands: Their Use and Regulation tionwide by about 50 percent, or 50,000 acres of wetlands per year, primarily through project mod-ifications. At the centre of the Convention on Wetlands philosophy is the “wise use” of wetlands. Wetlands cover 20 Mio ha in East Africa with only a small share currently being used. Australia's wetlands. The Wetlands Mapper is the Nation's go-to resource for wetlands information as … demn property for use as wetlands mitigation associated with their construction projects.10 The most valuable por-tion of a tract of land could be condemned in fee simple or be encumbered by easements, leaving a remainder that is comprised in whole or in part of wetlands. Because most activities that occur in coastal wetlands are regulated by the Corps and/or State wetland programs, coastal wetlands are reasonably well protected. Economic Benefits of Wetlands Wetlands contribute to the national and local economies by producing resources, enabling recreational activities and providing other benefits, such as pollution control and flood protection. What are wetlands? Encourages international cooperation on … Fen – a type of wetland ecosystem characterized by peaty soil, dominated by grasslike plants, grasses, sedges, and reeds (see Fig.



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