why are stars round

4 comments. Why aren't they cubes or ovals? Update: poldi-since gravity is part of the identity of matter then it is matter that is responsible; much like achieving brilliance-or unfortunate dunceness- at grade 3; the star of a head of one comet to a speck at the tail of another. Why are stars and planets round? You can take a rock and cut it into a particular shape and it will pretty much stay that way. The shape of small objects (like people and houses and mountains and small asteroids) are determined by their mechanical properties. 9 Answers.
Well, part of it is because when objects get particularly massive, nature favors that they assume the most efficient shape. The most obvious change in the sky is that for about half of the day the sky is brightly lit and, for the other half, it is dark. Rapper B.o.B wants to launch a satellite into space to find out, once and for all, whether the Earth is flat or round. Answer Save. As in the case of a bomb explosion, the shape of the resulting crater is round: ejecta is thrown equally in all directions regardless of the direction from which the bomb may have arrived. The obstruction of our eyelashes and protein buildup on our eyes can cause chaotic “diffraction spikes” to form around bright, high-contrast objects.

It's in the name. Favorite Answer. rather than having the linear angularity of squares or rectangles. Please don't be so rude, its just a question. Relevance. Anonymous. Why are stars and planets spherical? 1 decade ago. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.
In severe cases, the star will appear cross-shaped at focus. So why are planets round? In mild cases, stars still generally appear round at focus, though diffraction rings, if they are visible, may appear distorted. Sort by. Lv 7. Pretty much round, yes. If the sky is clear, we can tell that the Sun is “up” during the day and “down” at night. Essentially stars are huge clumps of gases burning slowly the gas inside out, they are held together by their own combined gravity by virtue of the mass that they possess. A little thing called gravity. Stratman. best. share. t. Answer Save. Well actually they are not perfectly round. 5 Answers.

This thread is archived. Relevance. Why are stars round? Shouldn't they be star shaped. Why are stars and planets round? save hide report. The general round shape is due to the attempt to equalize the effects of gravity created by the mass itself. Stars are not round or spherical in shape. 12 Answers. Planets are round because their gravitational field acts as though it originates from the center of the body and pulls everything toward it. Lv 4. They actually becom spherical, bulging at their equators due to centrifugal force of their rotation. 5 years ago. they are actually jagged because they are clouds of gases and the continuous explosion of gases releasing heat and light makes it change shape all the time. Why are planets and stars round? Answer Save.

93% Upvoted. Clive. Relevance. The figure above right shows what astigmatism may look like in a telescope. The stars’ twinkling shows how the winds are moving, which can really help when predicting weather - like really hot days. Here are seven other ways to prove our planet is spherical. Why not a box shape, or triangular.
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