why do i feel high when i haven't smoked

(Which, in fact, is a major reason I smoke, because otherwise I have severe problems with insomnia.

I just started to eat better and am loosing weight. When i smoked from the bong, i went from not having to do anything in the summer to starting school, a job, and a girlfriend. When i wake up in the morning it is next to impossible for me to eat a decent sized meal. It is unnerving to have smoking thoughts and urges resurface months after quitting. Do you also smoke for stress relief? A weed high never lasts longer than 2–4 hours from smoking, maybe 6 hours (in very rare cases) if you’ve taken edibles or if it is one of your first times consuming cannabis. I'll it's not feeling high, but when I really think about it I do act a little different than I normally would a few days after I smoke. whats going on? when i was in rehab i used to wake up feeling wicked high a lot of the time, it was really really weird. The more I think about it, the worse it gets.

You might want to try a pure indica and go very light on it. Discuss this with your physician.

Theory 4: Change in environment. Idk about weeks but I definitely notice the day after from any amount and from a big smoke sesh I can feel the after effects 2-3 days after. I had never smoked weed but After I stopped taking my ADD medication the feeling went away. In fact, smoking when I’m tired is pretty much guaranteed to cause me to fall asleep. It’s a dizzying feeling that includes a feeling of love, or bliss. I don't know the they exact reason for why this happens, other than I think its some sensory phenomena that your brain remembers. However, this can be expected as you recover from nicotine addiction. and other times i could taste alcochol on my breath, or smell coke or something. I feel that if you have smoked many years, you would probably be better (If you can do it this way), to first cut down instead going for “Cold Turkey” …I feel that if you suddenly stop (Especially if smoking decades), that if could eventually trigger something within the body; no matter how good may feel, initially. it's weird how your body reacts when you go a while without. They may recommend physical examination or a referral to an appropriate specialist who can examine and evaluate you for your symptoms and suggest a treatment. I also gained like 40 pounds last year. When we are super happy we feel “high” or extremely happy. (I haven't smoked since then) This content is for informational purposes only. and I still feel high for some reason but now I can't sleep and I've felt mad about everything since then. I smoke weed every day, usually multiple times in the same day. Why have I been feeling high and like things aren't real lately? two days ago I smoked way way way to much (weed) and got really high.

For me, personally, not at all. I used to smoke marijuana a lot last year, then stopped after it began making me really paranoid. I do have some medical conditions that I personally feel could be a contributing factor but every doctor I have spoke with has told me they have no idea why I can’t get “high”… On the bright side…I have never lost a … I would be lucky if i could eat half a bowl of cereal before it becomes hard to swallow, and i feel like i have to cough/ throw up. If you stopped smoking long enough your appetite would return on its own and self regulate. This could make me overthink things and make me thinks things have changed when they really haven't and just my environment has Theory 5: This is iffy. my problem is getting burnt out, when you just smoke so much for a long while that you take a day off and you still feel baked all day. By smoking you are supplementing your own body's endocannabinoids with THC and altering, among other things, your hunger patterns. There have been times, especially back when I first started smoking, and just talking to someone about it or smelling it was enough to make me feel a little high. I lose my appetite for days if I don't smoke and am anxious about something. While the However, this can be expected as you recover from nicotine addiction.

I do have to say that none of the 7 reasons above seem to fit my situation other then possibly #6. I do think that it is an influx of some chemical to the brain.

You weren’t smoking weed. For me ( i had this explained to me I just cant remember the exact terms) the chemical was rushing to my brain at high speeds and that the chemical is what produces large emotions and that I became use to it and therefore was never really excited or happy. People I have talked to that have this reaction when they have smoked a sativa or hybrid that contains a large % of sativa.

Well for starters, I have to say something about our bodies ability to have something called endorphins.

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