The Art of Screen Writing:

Imagining and Interpreting Unknown Worlds

"The Art of Screen Writing"
Saturday & Sunday, November 20 & 21, 2004

A Conference for Screenwriters
source: Liverpool John
Moores University
The purpose of the conference is to help plant the seeds of an international network for people interested in any aspect of film. We will provide film producers, writers, directors and scholars the opportunity to present their contributions (books, films, ideas) to this developing film community.

Fiction and documentary films by American, IRAQI, Pakistani and Palestinian screen writers and directors will be screened on Saturday, November 20 at 6 PM and all day Sunday, November 21.

Join us and be part of this unique conference.

Date & Time: Saturday, November 20, 2004 10 AM - 4 PM; Sunday (see below)

Location: University of Massachusetts UMASS/ Boston , Media Auditorium, Healey Library, Lower Level (LL) directions

Parking is available at UMASS for $6 per day.

Registration Deadline: Must Be Received by November 16

Regular Registration: $95 (including breakfast and lunch); $80 for INEAS members, National Writers Union (NWU) members & UMASS Students
Conference Registration Fee includes admission to two documentaries. See movie list and additional information below.

Make check payable to "INEAS"
Mail with your registration form to:

Screen Writing Conference
Institute of Near Eastern & African Studies (INEAS) P.O. Box 425125
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA

Underwriting and donations for the conference are welcome and appreciated.

Sunday Films & Panel Discussion

Fiction Films (Open to The Public)

The Olive Harvest
Screenwriter & Director: Hanna Elias
Upon his release from an Israeli prison, older brother Mazen ( Mazen Saade ) develops romantic feelings for his childhood friend, Raeda ( Raeda Adun ). However, Raeda is already engaged to Mazen's younger brother Taher ( Taher Najeeb ), their love kept a secret because of the tradition for the eldest brother to wed first. More than a mere love story, The Olive Harvest , explores the dynamics of human relationships and the relation between human and land.
Time: Sunday, November 21st @ 1:00 PM
Location: Snowden Auditorium, Weatley Building, at UMASS/Boston
Donation: $7
To be followed immediately by a panel discussion (details below)

Beautiful Kid
Screenwriter: Michael Carty
Producer: Michael Carty
Award-Winning filmmakers, (Screenwriter) and Patrick McCullough (Producer) will be on hand for an informative Q&A after the screening of their film, Beautiful Kid, winner of Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor at the Method Fest in Hollywood which celebrates breakout independent film. "Beautiful Kid" is about three friends growing up in the Irish pubs of the Bronx. Now in their mid-20's, working all day and partying all night, their lives begin to spiral out of control. The film centers on Sean, an Irish-American auto mechanic who finds himself at a crossroads, torn between his allegiances to his friends, family, addictions and love.
Time: Sunday, November 21st @ 5:30 PM
Location: Snowden Auditorium at UMASS/Boston
Donation: $7

Baghdad . . . in Four Days
Screenwriter & Director: Wafaa' Al-Natheema
Produced to chronicle her journey to Baghdad in November, 2003, Wafaa' follows the activities and perspectives of Iraqis and the effect of the US/UK war and occupation on Iraqi life and culture with a highlight on the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra and the Music & Ballet School of Baghdad.
Time: Sunday, November 21st @ 10:30 AM
Location: Snowden Auditorium, Weatley Building, at UMASS/Boston
Donation: $5 (FREE for Conference registrants)
Film to be followed by Q/A period with Wafaa'.
A 10-minute demo of Wafaa's upcoming documentary "The Other Arabs" (a work in progress), will be viewed following the Q/A period.

Nazrah: A Muslim Woman's Perspective
Screenwriter: Maliha Masood
Director: Farah Noushen
Western notions of Muslim women remain rooted in either the nineteenth-century biases of "Orientalism" or gloomy clichés of oppression and backwardness. The allegedly liberal mass media has been often an instigator of ill-informed imagery. This makes it more important than ever to question one-sided viewpoints that depict women in the Islamic world as monolithic victims without a voice. Nazrah presents a stimulating discussion by Muslim women and their perspective of life, religion, love, independence, work and will power.
Time: Sunday, November 21st @ 11:30 AM
Location: Snowden Auditorium, Weatley Building, at UMASS/Boston
Donation: $5 (FREE for Conference registrants)

Forget Baghdad
Screenwriter & Director: Samir
Documenting the perspective and struggle of Iraqi Jews as they narrate their memoirs about their lives in Iraq and later growing up and working in Israel or the West. This unique documentary is sure to provoke discussion. Winner of the Critics Week Prize, International Film Festival of Locarno (2002) and of The City of Zurich Film Award (2002).
Time: Sunday, November 21st @ 11:30 AM
Location: Snowden Auditorium, Weatley Building, at UMASS/Boston
Donation: $5 (FREE for Conference registrants)

Panel Discussion (Open to The Public)

Filling The Void: Missing Genre, Asian-Muslim films for the American audience
Panelists: Jacqueline Romeo & Joachim Martillo
Moderator: Wafaa' Al-Natheema
Time: Sunday, November 21 @ 2:35 PM (to 3:25 PM)
Location: Snowden Auditorium, Weatley Building, at UMASS/Boston

Jacqueline Romeo is an adjunct faculty member at Emerson College where she teaches theatre history and dramatic literature. Recently, she performed at LaMama in New York City in Caliban Remembers: a Balinese Tempest. She is, also, in the midst of finishing her dissertation at Tufts University entitled: The Making of an American Stereotype: the Origins of the Comic Coolie in Frontier Melodramas.

Joachim Martillo runs a Boston-area hi-tech firm and has been doing business with Israeli firms since 1990. After 1993 he believed in the Oslo process and began to do on-site work in Israel and the Occupied Territories. The attempt to understand the disconnect lead him to study US popular culture and in particular Hollywood. To balance Hollywood's steady stream of Zionist propaganda and disinformation, Martillo has written a Hollywood-style Palestinian-based screenplay targeting the American public, and he is working on a sequel.


Institute of Near Eastern & African Studies (INEAS) (Cambridge, MA, USA)

William Joiner Center for the Study of War and Social Consequences at UMASS/Boston

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