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A Window to the Arab
and Islamic Worlds

Middle and high school
enrichment programs.

Workshops and lecture
series for young adults,
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Arabic culture has had a tremendous impact on our world. Did you know that such words as "cotton," "algebra, ""sugar," and "alchemy" are originally Arabic, or that Arabian stallions, famous for their speed and beauty, were instrumental in spreading Arabic culture and its many influences?

Arabian Stallions

In this performance program—ARABIAN STALLIONS—which includes Arabic songs, storytelling, and Oud (or lute) playing, students will explore Arabic culture through its music, stories and language. Learn about one of the world's most ancient and sophisticated cultures.

Baghdad Cafe

Dalla / Rakwa
Coffee Pot
In Arabic, the words Rawiya/Rawi refer to a storyteller who recites her/his tales in a coffee house or ata family gathering. Our performance, BAGHDAD CAFE, invites students to learn about the delectable aspects of Arabic culture, especially its unique cuisine. Students will enjoy taking part in the performance of a traditional Arabic folktale that includes English and Arabic songs accompanied by live piano playing.

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Thousand and One Nights

In this program, you will be taken to the Masrah, or theater, to hear and take part in a performance of traditional and contemporary Arabic storytelling and poetry, just as Scheherazade used to do in the famous Arabic tales of... THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS. The program will also include a brief introduction to the Arabic language and calligraphy, live qanoon playing, and Arabic songs.

Special follow-up workshops and residencies are available in:
    • Arabic language and calligraphy
    • Storytelling and poetry
    • Middle Eastern cuisine
    • Arabic music
    • Arab sciences
    • Islam
    • History & Geography
    • Islamic Arts