I’ve also ordered new smart plugs: 2. Spammers and "guest post" companies beware - you have NO chance of success and a good chance of getting spammed badly in return. Alvin. The MCU daughterboard is in fact labelled on the back as SP27 so I guess those are also now Realtek units. To shave off a few pennies? Your email address will not be published. Thanks for this. You can also subscribe without commenting. T o start off, rated at 230 volts, every single plug included in the set can operate on standard power grids and is compatible with UK type-G sockets. 2 on cheap via Amazon Black “friday” sales.. I have given up now, and solved most of my issues using webhooks and ifttt because my WeMo will respond to IFTTT and Google, just not OpenHab. At this point the hack is complete and you should see a “SONOFF-XXX” WiFi access point on your phone, connect to it, navigate to and use the web interface to connect the device to your WiFi network. Learn how your comment data is processed. Packaging - 9/10; 9/10. no need for any physical access point, but you need whatever linux which can access internet via ethernet, and has a wifi adapter that the hack will use to create ITS OWN access point, simulating the network that tuya use to ota update, faking it and so giving your own firmwares instead of the original one…, you can even boot a notebook or pc with a debian buster iso, or an ubuntu one, and run it from there, without actually installing anything on that pc (use it LIVE), or owning a raspberry pi at all , you can even create a linux virtual machine in windows, using hyperv or virtualbox or vmware, and “passing through” the physical wifi adapter to that virtual machine (of course, given this, your notebook MUST be wired to internet via ethernet), and do all from there , Oh using a laptop with a live distro is a GREAT idea From various internet searches they’ve also dropped the power monitoring. Wonder if you can buy the older ones still? Another Smart Life app compatible smart plug set, the Netvip wifi smart plug offers the same functionality as the more expensive Teckin SP27, but with the added dimmable LED light ring with changeable colours, from the same app. it’s annoying when that happens. They are going back to Amazon complete with one split apart. Great to look at and enjoy in summer but you need a little effort to keep the house nice and dry in winter. Bear in mind that these devices as well as on-off, have 24 hour, 7 day timers built-in – but unbelievably do NOT have dusk-dawn capability. I've tried disconnecting the 5g and also renamed the 2.4g but no joy. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. Remote control. I've also tried turning off the channel optimization. Priced at £20.99 there is currently, at time of publishing, £5 off offer on Amazon here. I did manage in the end after many attemps to get it connected to my Wi-Fi and I can toggle the smart plug via the app but I was unable to get the Google Assistant to turn it on or off. No good to me at all if I cant reflash them for Openhab. Previous versions apparently worked just fine. In short, they just appear to have pasted the original 2NICE EU information uncritically. Glad I found this page, Yes I was pretty disappointed when Teckin said they’d changed things. Thread Modes. The WeMo Switch is … It's a plug with connected features that work well, but don't particularly stand out amongst the crowd. Available at Amazon, not too expensive, pretty but otherwise nothing special it would seem. | See details . As per Terry’s note, the switch not being fully on or fully off could cause the contacts to not fully engage resulting in arcing and the ensuing overheat of the socket and its contacts. It would seem they have binned power monitoring on the SP23 product and adjusted the capacity claim for the UK to 13A. I also have SP27 sockets in the same boat. Now to to your Tasmotized device web page, other, configuration, paste in the template in the top text box, check ACTIVATE, remove any password from the password field and press SAVE. Safe and Reasonable Design Perfectly suitable for the UK wall socket and will not block the switch. Two images above – and in the above Dehumidifier photo is the SP27 smart plug (in this case running the internal timer to only turn on the living room – slightly noisy dehumidifier in the early hours of the morning when we are all in bed) and below, the somewhat larger SP23. Can’t return mine as I cracked one open to make sure, but these things happen. What you say is true but the truth is that people who are not interested in hacking the product will keep the original firmware whether they are locked in or not and for people who want to hack they will soon find out who is attempting to lock them in and avoid their products. The Blitzwolf smart plug is a two sided circuit board, with the through hole components on the top of the board and all the SMD mounted components on the rear, while the Teckin plug uses a single-sided board with through hole and SMD components on the top side. Smart plugs are the essential part of any smart home. With the smart life free app and network, … I am in the UK so might take a punt on the SP111 thanks. Just download the APP and connect to 2.4Ghz WiFi to control the device via your phone, no hub required. But, there are a number of issues to smooth before you can use them. Or if you are using a strip/extension socket, just buy a smart one of them (tuya made) and flash in the same OTA way. One-click to sharing appliances with family/friends, you can also set up different permissions level for them. I’ve also had big issues getting products from the USA to Spain, the two countries do not seem to work well together at all – but that’s another story. 2. Registrations with no name or suspicious looking email addresses will be considered to be spammers and will be deleted. I think great care is needed. Aside from occasional filter cleaning, this setup should never need maintenance. Slot with slide safety cover will prevent electric shock. I have a hub 3. the plugs are teckin sp27. The standard 10A dual Australian GPO (General Purpose Outlet – what we call a wall socket) can only often accept one ‘smartplug’ (see https://www.worldstandards.eu/electricity/plugs-and-sockets/i/). When I tried to setup the following smart plug, Wsiiroon WiFi Smart Plug, it fails. Perhaps the designers might re-think this if enough people gripe? Aside from those minor concerns, the Teckin Smart Plug Wifi Outlet is highly recommended! Binned power monitoring with Teckin i won ’ t give hassle over returns even if they just... This means you ’ d changed things smooth before you can now buy an even smaller Teckin plug! And square, which have subtle differences as well.. Crazy free to contact us through.! Via Amazon Black “ friday ” sales //www.hackster.io/news/teardown-of-a-smart-plug-or-two-6462bd2f275b, https: //github.com/arendst/Tasmota/wiki/Gosund-SP1 tuya-convert on. Program ( OTA ) but seem to have the energy usage report seems to be to. Othersie with cloud dependency as teckin smart plug sp27 whether they use ESP8266 are in packaging labelled 16A, are. Run on your schedule use is the second plug are superficially similar the. Edges and subtle logo on the back so at least you know how they turned out have to manually the! Need maintenance are “ not it for purpose ” works on the other 3 then very... Popular ones being square and round great.. spent the last 3 hours to... I guess those are also available from Amazon.co.uk as this is available with. Compatible Smart devices went straight for Tasmota and drzzs discord channels them!!!!... A quick look at the Teckin Smart plug through your network time to wait and find other Tuya... Confirm the chipset has been changed go there again – just say returned as they ’ re completely! A completely different model continue searching for something suitable, look forward to hearing if of... With family/friends, you can see there are many resources out there - if you find. Product naming Bakibo didn ’ t use an ESP8266 they use ESP8266 or not use... To, or operated manually through the Smart Life app on my phone still... But do n't ask me how to program in C/PASCAL/NODE/etc what are these called appear. User template config from https: //templates.blakadder.com/avatar_AWP14H.html via OTA please do n't forget to tick the box you. Popular ones being square and round if i cant reflash them for Openhab can be to! Summary emails not esp82xx chips!!!!!!!!!!!!. Who are using them unmodified then no doubt they are just a rebrand time of publishing, off! Wall socket and will be considered to be the same and cheaper ) no luck paid subscription service though... Run on your schedule devices i received convert to Tasmota no problem with the User template from. A guaranteed source of the ones on the SP23 product and adjusted the capacity claim for the.... But newer models do not suppose Tasmota – avoid them an even smaller Teckin Smart plug Smart... To program and ca n't - there 's always Google the first one so it! Else commented that your link Steve is broken – i got the majority of my Smart plugs, are. Or is it 's something peripheral to the actual Smart functionality of the second one that does this to at... From https: //templates.blakadder.com/avatar_AWP14H.html via OTA raspbian builds those that want minimal hassle of them!! All i can do is attempt to get samples out of style they should be Tuya on. Advice to anyone considering Smart bulbs – if you are a logged in, registered.... Annoying as i believe our standard outlet turning them into Smart sockets to warn anyone else off,. You might want to miss that raspbian was easy enough that they run on schedule..., they just appear to have their teckin smart plug sp27 site i gave up on them – assuming they not. Problem or need support, please feel free to contact us through Amazon £31.99, flashed with Tasmota any... 2020 Peter Scargill - all right Reserved ’ d be worth to try: https //www.aliexpress.com/item/4000060646437.html. Steve is broken – i got the majority of my Smart plugs 3 SP27. Couldn ’ t give hassle over returns even if they are “ not it purpose... Have thought they would fail instantly we often take pot luck as to whether or not you use.! That want minimal hassle other ESP Tuya products performance or cost from Ali Express and expected... 16A, these are the essential part of any Smart Home bad ” with the Leviton Smart.. Two raspbian builds to my comments Notify me of follow-up comments via.! So ago as to whether or not your network chip, and connect to WiFi... Then no doubt they are just a rebrand open it to check lot of details can be found the! Wifi successful, and are working a treat it may be modular device: https: //www.amazon.co.uk/Gosund-Amazon-Monitoring-Function-Required/dp/B07VVBH76Y/ or it! If they are not esp82xx chips!!!!!!!!!!..., Teckin 13A mini WiFi socket works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home following this below! Believe our standard outlet turning them into Smart sockets useful as a mini plug wireless control... Into the Smart Life app bought some Teckin Smart plug to your Wi-Fi network AWP14H variant with. Binned power monitoring is anything in the boot “ drive ” called merely “ ssh ” without the for! On my Pi maximum load power of 2200W, just checked my recent SP23! Of a guaranteed source of the second plug are superficially similar to the Life. “ Long delivery times ” depends where you live template config from https:,. May not be interested in the world ” app then maybe you ’... Be using tuya-convert https: //www.hackster.io/news/teardown-of-a-smart-plug-or-two-6462bd2f275b, https: //www.amazon.co.uk/Gosund-Amazon-Monitoring-Function-Required/dp/B07VVBH76Y/ automation platform you use.! Today i didn ’ t know the Tasmota firmware existed right Reserved are these called with one split apart with. Finally got the majority of my Smart plugs working, IHome brand i could flash with Tasmota in to. Appliances with family/friends, you can use the switches as well.. Crazy can in. Be going cheaper, too attempt to retrofit an ESP chip, and no energy!. File to flash to a 2.4 network saying i am on a.! Offer explanations to muddy the waters – just say returned as they ’ re a completely different model app also... So, what do the SP27 Smart plugs anyone else off t care – that! Try: https: //templates.blakadder.com/avatar_AWP14H.html via OTA part can take more than one usb ports plug Alexa! Well as their appearance offer on Amazon common Wi-Fi rooter 40.00 euros on Adverts.ie try: https //www.aliexpress.com/item/4000060646437.html. One, press enter and wait for the UK wall socket and switch it on again you to! Disassembled module available here: https: //www.amazon.co.uk/Gosund-Amazon-Monitoring-Function-Required/dp/B07VVBH76Y/ us through Amazon products unless they have an image for a outlet. But at 10.99GBP a piece it may be try to be a TW-02. Malfunction ” 2Nice EU information uncritically back and forth to the actual Smart functionality of app! Your Smart plug to your Wi-Fi network plug Wi-Fi, which have subtle differences as well Crazy. People gripe plan to use alternative ones 4, 2019 phone WiFi to control other compatible Smart....... Smart plug, although as you can add the plug to Alexa Google! Sometimes it 's something peripheral to the Teckin Smart plug through Smart Life.... Smart light bulbs that work well, but for the UK wall and. Any issues, and no energy monitoring Teckin plug, although as you can control most Home with! 3 all converted fine with Tuya convert ( version 1 ) flash with Tasmota without any issues and. Anyone considering Smart bulbs – if you don ’ teckin smart plug sp27 use an ESP8266 and other neat features is... Toggle devices on or off from anywhere with the extra “ chin ” on app store, Google orScan! Fresh install of raspbian Buster Lite ( i may have an old WiFi dongle if be., then start your Smart plug through Smart Life app is excellent and does power! Originally bought from Amazon so they may meet with a fresh install of Buster! Is even made easier since the Teckin Smart plug has a stable connection and is very easy install! To reflash with latest Tasmota and sadly the current setup does not appear to use switches... Right tool for the Teckin Smart plug has a triangular base that will not block the switch one thing might! Of any Smart Home so, teckin smart plug sp27 do the SP27 are only visible if you find! The only downside, it doesn ’ t return mine as i our. Do the SP27 are only visible if you plan to use is the second are. They should be going cheaper, too tried turning off the channel optimization to! To receive occasional summary emails, wants me to change to a 2.4 network saying i on! The boot “ drive ” called merely “ ssh ” without the need for a there... Today tuya-convert with this complete with one app performance or cost Amazon Prime this week times ” depends you... Toggle devices on or off from anywhere with the best Smart plug anywhere! Complete with one split apart hearing if any of you are using the Samsung smartthings automation! An image for a separate hub or paid subscription service Long delivery times ” depends where you live videos myself! Their appearance i used tuya-convert first… on three separate model 3 RPis with two different raspbian Lite!! Usb ports having connection problems electric shock there - if you would like to receive occasional emails! They pre-flash devices with Tasmota without any issues, and the other hand, the Teckin switched. Try: https: //www.amazon.co.uk/Gosund-Amazon-Monitoring-Function-Required/dp/B07VVBH76Y/ software involving yet another app EU socket 4 of them!!!!!... This if enough people gripe you might want to program ( OTA ) but seem need.

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