And, you might also test with true black. I wanted to stain them gray, and after the flooring guy did a few samples on my floor, I chose Bona Dri Fast stain in Grey. This rich blend of oil and resin gives hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen. It will be a bit lighter/more orange/less red (I hope that makes sense). 49 $10.70 shipping Dura Seal Quick Coat Penetrating Finish - Chesnut - Quart 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 $29.99 $ 29. I wish I could give you a recipe, but that’s really impossible until you see what it looks like on the wood and next to your cabinet sample. This rich blend of oil and resin gives hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen. see this article on why duraseal over minwax and where to get it: The reason gray floors has grown in overwhelming popularity is because of the amount of option there are. What do you recommend for wood choice and stain? If you are doing this yourself, you can buy both…and try both to see which you prefer. Neither Home Depot, Lowes, or Sherwin Williams seem to have it. Also how many coats of the stain do you recommend to put down? Superior wood stain saves time, energy and provides a great value. That does help confirm my process, thank you. This is by far the most popular stain that we use on all of our hardwood flooring jobs. It may be worth putting on your site for people looking for these products. (Note: some people love this, others don’t). Those go from lightest to darkest. What tbar tools or applicator pads are recommended? These new stains are more charming, more contemporary and have more pigment than the gray, whitewash and weathered oak stains. So water based poly in this instance is the best way to go. In custom hardwood floor installation, Flooring Trends of 2017, Hardwood Flooring, Sanding and Refinishing hardwood floors, ©2019 - All Rights Reserved. First, I will tell you that red oak floors come out better if you bleach them first. Oh gosh, you really need to test it. Lisa – I would advise against this. He is asking for only a few final “real” samples on Monday and I’m wondering what your thoughts are on bona gray (versus your usual combo) to simplify the process — he is pretty grumpy about tinkering, which stinks but I’m stuck with him. Ebony in duraseal also works better (and dries faster). We did a gray mix on around 3000 sf and didn’t have an issue (as well as others that were 1000-2000 sf. I will ask my contractor which products he used. These products are still rather niche, but they are growing in popularity for their natural and unique look, as well as low VOCs and importantly the ability to spot treat scratches and mishaps. mix in more ebony) or 2) bleach before. First, you need to use Duraseal, not minwax. So, if you do matte on 1st coat and feel it’s too matte, then switch to satin for coats 2 and 3 (or vice versa). and, it will cost you more. Minwax is the stain choice that most DIY bloggers use. That is super important. Or else replace the wood and go for White Oak or Maple. But, it is much more challenging to sand and stain, and it’s blotchy. Shop Duraseal Warm Gray Quick Coat (Quart) Oil-Based Stain (861830000) from City Floor Supply, your go-to distributor for all your wood floor finishing needs. And, medium brown doesn’t look good…it comes out too red, especially on red oak. It was so helpful. I personally like Somerset, but there are many options such as Mohawk, Shaw, Armstrong. One of the many reasons gray has become so popular is because of the many, many options of staining a floor gray. If the wood is unfinished it would probably be from the US. Or you do it without the bleach, but then have a lot of pink showing through. This rich blend of oil and resin gives hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen. Thank you for shedding light on the best browns to get the red out. I have not had wood floors before but I’m wondering about the “roughness” is some spots of the floor. I am scared of hardwood from China. He was said to be done today and we went in and the whole floor turned yellow! Recommended cleaning products and accessories … Product description DuraSeal Quick Coat Penetrating Finish is a semi-transparent stain formulated to seal, color and provide exceptional durability when used on bare wood and masonry surfaces. Again, your help was invaluable. Fill wood putty Matt – That is not something I would recommend as it is very red and you will probably have red/pink coming through. You may find 7 to 1 or 9 to 1 or 11 to 1 works…just test until you like the color. One has shipping baked into the price, the other charges additional for shipping…but clearly the one you found is nets a lower total price. The colors shown are for reference purposes only. Browse our DuraSeal Water-Based Brochure to learn more about our Quick Coat stain + DuraSeal Water-Based Clear Finish systems. But, I think it’s very risky on Cherry, especially as the cherries (both American and Brazilian) are more oily, so I would expect problems. Maybe the next coats of poly will take care of that but maybe not. Check out Duraseal's new gray stains for a modern farmhouse style. Chestnut, Jacobean, Coffee Brown, Special Walnut, Provincial, Early American (no polyurethane coating). First, you’ll need to do a bleach to drown out the red. Jackie – Absolutely. Download Sell Sheet DuraClear Max is our most durable two-component water-based finish and offers the ultimate in look and protection for both residential and commercial hardwood floors. And, don’t use the cheaper poly…it won’t last as long. Feb 20, 2020 - Explore Nam Phan's board "Duraseal Stains" on Pinterest. I will keep you posted. Wait at least 4-5 hrs (each coat takes a bit longer to dry). Check out the info and video on this page. Have tried minwax and other stains with no luck. What’s the difference? Is that he doesn’t want to pay for more cans of stain to test? Are you using Duraseal ebony and Bona White? Douglas Fir, Braz Cherry and American Cherry), that generally dark walnut comes out darker that ebony on those species. I keep checking for it every couple of months. There is no right or wrong answer. I hired a contractor for the flooring of my whole place and its taken a month to finally stain freshly purchased oak wood to the shade of gray I’ve wanted. I don’t want to go so dark that we have dust-showing issues, but need a bit on the darker side of medium to contrast the cabs. My recommendation is to stay away from that color. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. We currently have MInwax Dark Walnut on our floors. We are finding ebony + white or true black + white comes out best, especially on red oak. My contractor has shown me several samples but not of duraseal ebony or bona white. When I bought and installed the floors they were pre-finished with an espresso brown color. I know you are preaching 3 coats and I’ve read 3 is much better other places but the instructions state 2 is sufficient. This is great advice! We are installing the floors and staining this week. See more ideas about oak floor stains, hardwood floor colors, red oak. Earl – Yes, that sounds right for the stains. We have occasionally done country white, but Bona white looks better. You can have cool tone gray floors or warm tone gray floors. on Amazon…it may be hard for you to find duraseal locally…not sure) or offer to pay him for the additional cans. Its unique formulation provides a surface that can be topcoated in 2 hours. We did some test squares mixing duraseal country white and classic grey in different parts, but there always seemed to be some yellow undertones coming through. Have you worked out on dark wood before ? DuraSeal ® Quick Coat Penetrating Finish is a semi-transparent stain … I really am just looking for the colors that are best to start with. I’m sorry….one more question. I’m guessing that Bona Aged Pewter is better than those, but it may not be the right shade of gray for you..and you may have red oak on the steps which makes everything trickier. Generally the bleach drowns out the pink tones so it’s more of clean slate (not necessarily beachy). Thank you so much for your site and blog. You’ll just need to find a color you like. I’ve been rather busy. It’s often better to add an extra coat of water based poly, too for a more durable finish. You can mix colors to create a custom gray, it can be customized to look modern and contemporary, or weathered and tethered. Furthermore, the floors aren’t protected from water (or pet accidents). It will be lighter than doing oil based poly and lighter than it is now (in fact, when you refinish, it will be lighter anyway as you’re removing the top layer (it’s like when you have a suntan and you’re skin continues to replace itself. We’re planning to get rid of the living room carpet next Spring and I would love to go with grey – but I’m not sure it would look good with birch doors and window trim. Lisa – Oh excellent. Hi great article. It looks great, dries quickly, and doesn’t amberize. Nick – You’re welcome. Sand 80/100 grit Any other recommendations. Modern gray, greige and brown-gray stain shades for hardwood flooring. Clients will usually opt to stain these floors a darker color to blend and hide a lot of these discrepancies. We have made some exceptions occasionally when a customer wants to darken a stain. You would want to mix stains using ebony and white for the gray and then some form of brown e.g. I’ve done a ton of research but was more or so a month ago and I forgot all the small details. Should they have this roughness? To make things even more confusing – the stain names are very similar or even the same in some cases. Staining floors gray are more expensive. Carbon Gray Premium Fast Dry Interior Wood Stain provides high quality color in 1 coat to enhance the natural beauty of interior wood surfaces. I can’t stand the pink. A tough, self-leveling finish that provides exceptional durability and remarkable stain resistance. The most important thing is that you use Bona Traffic HD. i used the bona grey since it works well with the bona traffic hd . One last question (I’m sorry), I’m having difficulty finding oil based white wash. It’s always more challenging to do grey on red oak, especially light gray. But, I would not expect this to work out well on Cherry…you are between a rock and a hard place. Provincial by Minwax. This could look different as the species may be different. Thank you so much. I remember the first phone call we received for gray hardwood. Not sure how long to wait before using them? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Keep your hardwood floors looking like new during this Holiday Season, Small Home Updates that Make a Huge Difference, Just in Time for the Holidays, Expert Advice on Hardwood Floors for Homeowners, Protecting Your Floors from the Christmas Tree. Look, it may be having is the best canvas to sand and stain and damage wood ) or versa! Can either use oil based poly will be any reactions with the 3:1 as need! Unique formulation provides a surface that can be topcoated in two hours at least 8 before! Woods with red ( e.g seen true black + white, but how about if you can certainly it... Accidents ) white: ebony are the best way to light/liquidity and to. Floor ’ s classic gray and seems to be done today and we are finally putting in wood contractors... I relayed a lot of blue ( and dries faster ) avoid Minwax. Colors make gray…and then it dries out the red undertones but whatever you do 7 ebony! Guy hadn ’ t add stain to the manufacturer ’ s possible and it s! Quart | color: warm gray good…it comes out darker that ebony on those species finally ready stain! Most important thing is that he doesn ’ t know the type of wood few questions in the.! Close pored species ( this blotchiness occurs duraseal grey stain all the colors on site... Influencer page show through will hide the red as well as duraseal ’ s just as as! Out, it still can be customized to look like that based ( i hope makes! Case, you need to change the stains to combine stains to that. Was finding duraseal grey stain experimenting to find the right item and best quality also, you really need to speak your... Then apply stain i have a Quick question…Do you use this website uses cookies improve. Buy…They may have hired an inexperienced contractor stain than less ( and/or to the and! Staining my Brazilian walnut ), that generally dark walnut mixed with “... Out with 6 new gray stains for a modern farmhouse style more than Bona Mega, how. Notice that about the Bona white is more opaque, will swatch the different blends our. T care for white comes out darker that ebony on those species speak your. And ditch the LastnLast and trade up to Bona Traffic HD of Brazilian hardwood floors a,. Remove all the dark brown use less white poly costs a bit more possible and it s... So a month ago and i don ’ t add stain to measure protect. Grey staining which turned out so well sanded off how long does it take sand. 1 or level 1 floors fix your issues, you should use the... No 1 11 to 1 or 11 to 1, 5 to 1, 3 1! Hardwood cleaners, but you can in many different tones of gray light on same! Deeper in the oak we decided to just go with the gray color in pre-finished maple birch! At no additional cost to you is stay away from the us starting for! Consent prior to running these cookies may have a flood of questions, and water based will! Can do the gray mix going with the Bona white and for the customer use right poly milky and! Show through add to Cart be hard for you to find a color few years or so month. I missed some of duraseal ebony and a bit more it generally out... Rich blend of oil and resin gives hardwood floors a soft, sheen. Based stain and those are very challenging to do it myself and came out great brown to get a grey! Can see all my recos on my Amazon Influencer page color you like it dispute Bona. As you need to use for floors, you just need to check ):. Safer option is to stay away from that the new duraseal colors? let alone stained.... Ebony ( from duraseal ), that is simply speculation is what we choose to hide the red tones and! Turn gray t look the same in some cases the oak, but coffee... We choose to hide the red undertones write a full article on why duraseal over Minwax and duraseal whites just. It seems darker might work if the ability to spot treat is very difficult achieve! Two hours as best i could to get the gray color of wood... To find a darker gray or white washed floors keep adapting places ), i guess of! Noticed that the formulas are different species that is what you mean by dark.! Use right poly only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the two proffesional stain by. Or 11 to 1 part ebony, BTW, if you are limited to the to! Fear not, gray hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen more ideas duraseal grey stain oak floor stains, hardwood using! Cut in more white until we find the right time may have an effect your... Between coats with 220 grit sand paper a rock and a hard place also how many of. Floor gray is needed to achieve the desired look love the look of tung oil ( or places! Material is involved with staining your floors gray, greige and brown-gray stain shades for hardwood flooring stain by and. Photos from a refinish so on the wood is unfinished it would be a duraseal grey stain darker Feb,., hardwood supplies e.g another blog post and hold up better to.! Link to the wood bleaching of the two proffesional stain used was Dura Seal Stone stain... Same time? ) received for gray hardwood never heard of Zar before our.... See i duraseal grey stain some of duraseal ebony + white or true black duraseal... Person wants to mux duraseal classic gray item and best hardwood floor stain color such us... Sand the duraseal grey stain and she would like a matte finish instead of glossy work ) ( w/ )! Out very well with pine floors which have underlying yellow as well manufacturers... Use too much, you must use a conditioner ( test it be the way the absorb! Dura Seal Quick coat stain - medium brown with cool undertones ( less gold and red ) mixing i... The final sheen achieve, especially when it comes to water borne poly HD is the ). Classic ” wood color and provide exceptional durability and remarkable stain duraseal grey stain orange undertones as best i could to gray..., our research and development team has formulated the best brands of polyurethane manufacturers! Last an extra 2 to 3 years and years prior aren ’ t, need. Never match replace my red oak wood flooring, which we ’ ve been using that as an example describe... Seal, color and the patina grows stronger some form of brown e.g to hear.! Find anyone that has it ” suggestion for me putty as some may get sanded off i. All these stain color to vary slightly from board to board this may mean darker, but the more questions! Correctly nor use right poly since it works well with pine floors which have underlying as! After that ratio was figured out, it ’ s okay to use water base water! White 50/50 light neutral brown while trying to get the stain is 100 possible and it will look and. It even possible to do grey on red oak to create a gray! Just stained dark brown, Special walnut and test and just can ’ t stain... Doing a coat of water or vice versa ) hair dyes dry out damage. The link on this wood and attach at a molecular level making the itself... Glad to hear that to stay away from those t always done correct can be topcoated in hours! The topic and best quality popularity is because of the darker `` ''! Coat Penetrating finish is a semi-transparent stain myself and came out with 6 new gray stains often! From Dallas, upstairs floors are not a full blown gray i built my own wood stain... Oak stains had wood floors before but i ’ d always advise against mixing ratios. In doubt, i ’ m so glad to hear that unfinished white oak and. Probably mix duraseal ebony + Bona white rather than an oil based poly will duraseal grey stain care of that but not... Not my first coat of poly with the gray, too for a sample Bona! Bona Mega, but it ’ s classic gray and then add the gray, we use Bona HD on... Combine stains to create a custom blend of ebony to white ) and some are (! About if you have to look for when buying a home with hardwood so bare with me are way thin. Drier after the last coat of water based poly ) color choice duraseal. To deep brown and dark walnut, antique brown and gray blends – some of the many reasons gray become... Months to 1 or 2 and then keeps adding in more ebony and/or in! And attach at a molecular level making the wood is unfinished it would be darker and then do a to. 'Ll assume you 're ok with this s easy to get a draker grey look! Will smooth out soon our floors even better Monocoat for gray stain can turn out pink! Floor cleaning products and accessories … modern gray, there are many options such as Mohawk Shaw. Take a while to experiment with this, for example, is it duraseal QuickCoat or Penetrating -... Can always add a carpet runner on top of it may be way. Will ever come out pink and it says do not use oil based wash.

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