Your Side of the Street

How can you clean up your side of the street if you need to? Keep cleaning your side of the street because this grants you serenity, peace, and joy. Let’s face it, even if you are doing everything in your power to deflect, justify, blame others, and excuse your behavior, something inside you knows what you’ve done.

With Jessica Sula, Sebastian De Souza, Alexis Carra, Daniel Franzese.

Where are you resistant to keeping your side of the street clean?

Meanwhile, Charlotte finally opens up about Maddie's addiction, and Vern is suspicious of Cynthia's odd behavior. If you let your side of the street stay junky, you’ll always be struggling with the guilt of what you have caused and your part in the struggle.

Trish is furious with Maddie at her ill-advised attempts to help her. I am a life coach. In AA, one of the sayings is “keep your side of the street clean.” It’s usually applied to specific situations where they don’t let others’ behavior derail their sobriety and their journey through the steps. But I think we’ve taken this concept a little too far and applied it everywhere. Why? I help people to uncover the valuable lessons that might have been overlooked in the midst of their divorce and I empower them to get back into the game of life. The guilt and … Directed by Bethany Rooney. I try to keep my side of the street clean because the world already has enough suffering and if I can do one tiny thing to ease that suffering, it’s something I want to do.

Maddie is confused about Wes's change in attitude and drags a housemate into her plan to find out what's wrong. I have also been affected by someone else's addiction and I know what it's like to have your life feel … I try to keep my side of the street clean because I can only control myself, my actions and how I respond to the things around me and though that feels insanely out-of-control, it actually puts the control in MY hands.

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