bartramia pomiformis phylum

It is typically green or glaucous in hue, although sometimes it can appear yellowish.

Apple moss, ( Bartramia pomiformis ), moss of the family Bartramiaceae that has apple-shaped capsules ( spore cases) and forms wide deep cushions in moist rocky woods throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The leaves have a nerve and are toothed. Espesye sa lumot ang Bartramia pomiformis.Una ning gihulagway ni Hedwig ni adtong 1801.

Bartramia pomiformis Hedw. Where to find apple moss: Bartramia pomiformis prefers shaded rock outcrops or cracks; the rocks are usually acid but the apple moss also grows on calcium enriched rocks. Common Apple Moss Other English Common Names: Apple Moss Taxonomic Status: Accepted Related ITIS Name(s): Bartramia pomiformis Hedw. (TSN 16091) French Common Names: bartramie pommette Unique Identifier: ELEMENT_GLOBAL.2.125703 Element Code: NBMUS0R050 Informal Taxonomy: Plants, Non-Vascular - Mosses Synonyme : Bartramia pomiformis var. Although bryophytes are among the oldest land plants, their ... plants that constitute the phylum Bryophyta. Mosses species Bartramia subulata Bruch & Schimp. - Bartramia Moss. Bartramia … Homonyms Bartramia pomiformis Hedwig, 1801 Common names Echtes Apfelmoos in German Gulgrøn kuglekapsel in Danish barthramie crépue in French barthramie porte-pomme in French barthramie vulgaire in French bartramia moss in language.

Ravines and soil banks also occasionally provide a home for this plant. 3, page 148 in B.S.G. Bartramia pomiformis var. Bartramiales at Tropicos Bryidae at Fossilworks Ruggiero MA, Gordon DP, Orrell TM, Bailly N, Bourgoin T, Brusca RC, et al. Phylum Magnoliophyta Trees and Bushes Herbaceous Plants Grasses Rushes, Sedges, and Reeds. species Bartramia stricta Brid. Ang mga gi basihan niini. Bartramia pomiformis, the common apple-moss, [1] is a species of moss in the Bartramiaceae family. Bartramia pomiformis - Hedw. 1) of section Bartramia, in B. stricta of section Strictidium and in two Anacolia species (Fig. The approximately 12,000 species are distributed throughout the world. Available information on movements of colubrid snakes is limited to a small minority of species. Illinois' flora includes an excellent array of bryophytes, with approximately 350 species of mosses, 140 species of liverworts and four species of hornworts. The stems extend from a half cm to 8 cm, with narrowly lanceolate to linear-lanceolate leaves 4 - 9 mm long. The following is a list of some of the major genera and species of mosses, arranged alphabetically by common in B.S.G.

British Bryological Society Checklist of British and Irish Bryophytes, version 1 (Recommended) BRC record card 0820 - … Bartramia pomiformis Hedw. species Bartramia nothostricta Catcheside - Apple Moss. var. [2]

Calendar. Image: Bartramia pomiformis. Bruch & Schimp. One of about one hundred species in the genus, Bartramia pomiformis has a circumboreal distribution, extending from arctic latitudes to as far south as North Africa. Calendar. Mosses are small, avascular, spore-bearing plants of the division Bryophyta. eral Vaginella species, in B. pomiformis (Fig. Phylum Magnoliophyta Trees and Bushes Herbaceous Plants Grasses Rushes, Sedges, and Reeds. Species of Bartramia, including the pictured Bartramia pomiformis, are called apple mosses because of the round shape of their sporangia (spore-containing capsules).One of about one …
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