continental run flat tires

The self supporting runflat tire. Manufactured by Continental, the Ultra High Performance All-Season ExtremeContact DWS, allows drivers to run one set of tires year-round. The ContiProContact SSR (Self Supporting Runflat) is Continental's Grand Touring All-Season run-flat tire designed to provide temporary extended mobility in case of complete air loss due to a puncture. Continental is one of the first tire makers that started producing run-flat tires, which they call SSR. 3.8 (6) reviews. Continental ContiProContact SSR Run-Flat All-Season Tire - 225/45R17 91H by Continental: Auto et Moto Thanks to its grippy notched tread design, the tire is designed to keep you on the road no matter what time of year it is. Toyota puts run flat-tires on some of their coupes and sedans. The newer your car is, the higher the chances are that it came with run-flat tires. with a new set of Continental Run Flat tires But still, my car isn’t great in the snow; it’s that rear wheel drive thing, which means you have very little control of the front end of the car and the rear wheels can spin and spin. Find the Top All Season Run Flat Tires with the MSN Buying Guides >> Compare Products and Brands by Quality, Popularity and Pricing >> Updated June 2020 This tyre replaced the Continental SportContact 2 SSR Run Flat.

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The Continental Sport Contact 3 SSR Run flat is a Max Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car. Like every other run-flat tire, this one can also travel for up to 50 miles without any pressure inside, up to a speed of 50 mph, even though Continental says it is only a MOExtended tire. Continental produces a number of models which may come as a Run Flat tyre. While you will lose the security of having a tire that can run while flat, many… Continental run flat tires feature some of the best technology on the market. As the name suggests, these tires have sidewalls that are stiffened with additional rubber and cords, enabling them to support the weight of the vehicle for a limited number of miles after loss of air pressure. New tires and snow are a good mix: I got more traction on the road (and little snow stuck to my tires!) Continental signify that a particular model is a Run Flat tyre by printing SSR at the end of the product …
Run-flat tires can support the weight of a vehicle for a short time, giving you about 100 miles of range to find a repair shop. Specific car companies more commonly use run-flat tires on their new cars, especially BMW and Lexus. This type of tyre is created to ensure that in the event of a puncture or sudden loss of pressure, the tyre continues to perform for a limited period of time – allowing you to get your vehicle to a garage. Continental ContiProContact SSR Run Flat.

Les pneus run-flat sont conçus de manière à ce que le talon de pneu reste fixé sur le rebord de la jante, même lorsque que celui-ci est dégonflé.

The reinforced sidewalls protects the driver in the event of a flat tire, as it will allow you to drive speeds up to 50mph for as long as 50 miles. Continental’s version of the run flat tire is carefully designed to blend together low noise, good looks, and extended mobility. Though they cannot be labeled as run-flat tires, tires branded with MOExtended or MOE on their sidewalls offer run-flat-like characteristics by delivering limited temporary extended mobility after a puncture results in complete loss of air pressure.
Self-supporting tires are the most widespread form of run flat tires, and tires with this technology are manufactured by all of the top tire brands. Even in case of a puncture. Made from a durable all-season compound, the tires retain their shape and traction well whatever the temperature. A run-flat tire is a pneumatic vehicle tire that is designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured, and to enable the vehicle to continue to be driven at reduced speeds - under 56 mph (90 km/h) - and for limited distances - generally between 10 mi (16 km) to 50 mi (80 km), depending on the type of tire. Cela signifie que vous ne courrez pas le risque de voir votre pneu se détacher ou que la roue elle-même ne soit endommagée : le pneu pourra plus ou moins garder sa forme rigide initiale pendant un certain temps malgré la crevaison.

Run-flat tires started coming onto the new car market in the early 2000s. SSR. Meanwhile, wide circumferential … …run-flat tires in exchange for non-run-flat tires, two popular options exist. For example, their ContiSportContact 2SSR has a contour design that enhances handling and braking. This tyre has been replaced by the Continental Sport Contact 5 SSR Runflat.

Continental Run Flat tyres. Show All. Price Range: … The ContiProContact SSR is designed to blend good looks, low noise and the assurance of extended…
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