krait phantom review

Asp Explorer or Krait Phantom? Krait MK2 or the Phantom is a much better mission runner, but for Core hunting.. definitely stick with the AspX, it is the optimal ship right now for core hunting due to the 4 abrasion blasters. I've been using an Asp Explorer I outfitted for the job, and am considering either upgrading my mining vessel to a Krait Phantom or keeping the Asp as my miner and getting a Fer-De-Lance for my bounty hunting pleasure.

Maybe its nostalgic to the elite of before the phantom added, maybe its cause ive spent way too long in it or maybe its cause i … This is a ship that can handle it all.”

It is a great ship for exploration but you will likely prefer the Mk 2 in all other roles! The Krait 2 can take a SLF bay, which is nice for flying through canyons while out exploring (and praying to all the gods that your mothership doesn't decide to crash into the planet while you are doing that).

Krait MK2 is the "Better" Ship, because it can adapt to more roles. “The Krait Phantom offers true multi-role capability, allowing it to be customised for combat, mining or trading. i use 2 medium focused pulse and 3 large shock cannons for bounty hunting or my setup is 5 focused burst lasers.. i also have a setups with medium rails and packhounds with large multi or pulses pretty much you can use anything for PvE just use the weapons you love not what people tell you to use. im thinking about switching to the krait phantom because i want a smaller ship and its also cheaper. but really you need to try out 5 shock cannons might not have a ton of ammo but damn its fun. This is the Krait Phantom A wonderful ship to fly into AX Combat.
Jan 1, 2019 @ 3:56am How is Krait Phantom better than MKII ? If you don't fly a Phantom, you're doing it wrong. The Krait Phantom is faster and has better jump range. I generally tend to multipurpose ones.

Its a very good ship. share. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Elite Dangerous > General Discussions > Topic Details. The Phantom has a better jump range though, about 5 LY extra IIRC. However, there's one aspect of the Phantom which Explorers should be aware of - the reduced fuel tank size. While the krait phantom is an excellent ship and without a doubt the best explorer imo i still find myself going back to the asp explorer when i want to head into the black. Neither Krait offers the deep space baskerablity and potential jump range that the mythical and much desired Imperial Explorer would offer, but for now, they'll do. 16T compared to the 32T of the MkII. My personal favorite is the krait phantom. But you don't need shields like mine, i'm playing almost only in open, there not much people who attack you, but enough to justify my shielding. My Krait Phantom has almost the same jumprage, but it has over 800mj of shields. Scoop fast, and Scoop often. Krait Phantom has 96 tons of cargo space and is significantly faster and has a longer jump range. I mean, im not a pro at this game but i've been playing for some time. It is a variant of the Krait MkII. anaconda build: Neither Krait offers the deep space baskerablity and potential jump range that the mythical and much desired Imperial Explorer would offer, but for now, they'll do. The Krait II's exterior design (the engine mounts, most obviously), redundant third seat, and unfavourable comparisons to the king of the medium pad multi-roles all made the Phantom more appealing for how I'd use a new med-pad ship, but the interior was a huge bonus, too - as warmly and smartly inviting as the mrk.II's was cold and mundane. The Krait Phantom is faster and has better jump range.
i currently own an anaconda outfitted for exploration but i was wondering if it would be better to swap it out for a krait phantom. krait phantom build: Krait is hands down best exploration ship.
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