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Search this site. ... You can also find four Rush power-up abilities in the game, each one is gained once you defeat certain mini-bosses in some stages.
IGN. However a lot of other aspects were done quite poorly. Home > Mega Man series > Mega Man 8 > Items Guide. Mega Man 8 has, incredibly enough, both great and horrible aspects, and few which are mediocre. By Shmooooey. edit: added some line breaks for better reading, typing from a phone, sorry. Rate . The Mega Man 11 Robot Master (boss) order below is the easiest way to exploit each boss weaknesses. 8 Turbo Man use Noise Crush MEGAMAN 8 1 Tengu Man use Arm Buster 2 Clown Man use Tornado Hold 3 Grenade Man use Thunder Claw 4 Frost Man use Flash Bomb 5 Aqua Man use Arm Buster 6 Sword Man use Water Balloon 7 Search Man use Flame Sword 8 Astro Man use Homing Sniper MEGAMAN 9 1 Galaxy Man use Arm Buster 2 Jewel Man use Black Hole Bomb 3 Plug Man use Black Hole Bomb 4 Tornado Man … Boss Order: How to kill the bosses ... At the Clown Man's level kick a mega ball into the clown's mouth for an extra life. 10. Favorited. Mega Man Boss Guides. Home > Mega Man series > Mega Man 8 > Bosses Guide. Mega Man X3.
----- Bass & Treble ----- Weakness: Mega Buster After Bass is finished pointing at Mega Man, he uses the evil energy to fuse himself with Treble (similarly to what happened in Mega Man 7). Mega Man 2. If so, then you'll like Mega Man 8. The 25 Best Summer Blockbusters of All Time. Star Man - Use Mega Buster (also weak to the Water Wave) Gravity Man - Use Star Crash 1. Extra Health in Stage 1 . For Mega Man 8 on the PlayStation, Boss FAQ by Juraiprince. Mega Man X. Mega Man X. Mega Man X2. PT Hacker Makes Another Terrifying Discovery About What Lisa is Up to When You're Locked in the Bathroom. Mega Man 8. Mega Man 8. Listed below are all the bosses (Robot Masters) you'll encounter in the game. Grenade Man Weapon: Flash Bombs; Primary Weakness: Thunder Claw; Other Weakness: Mega Buster; 2. This game boss order is split between the two half of bosses, so you have to start again on the second. Sword Man > Search Man > Astro Man > Aqua Man. Mega Man 9. Unfavorite. This list is in the correct order to kill the bosses with their Advertisement. Michael Giacchino Felt 'Total Freedom' Writing the Score to The Batman. Search Man (Mega Man 8) We’re starting out this list with not one, but two robot masters. In terms of game play, it added a lot of new things to the series, and yet still kept enough to still be called a Mega Man game. The following guide will showcase the weaknesses of Mavericks(Robot Masters of Mega Man X series), Sub-Bosses, Bosses and some other special bosses, as well as the orders, from which Maverick you should start off. Most bosses (including the first eight) you'll face at the end of each stage, try to save as much life/weapon energy as possible before facing them to even up the odds. Mega Man X4. Robot Masters.



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